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Actions in the Game Year 1419

Society Name: Mir

Action I: Move the army North towards the Taltheran border.

The Warlord is to move the army up to the Taltheran border. They are to thier and choose a location to battle the Sinari on. They are also to help the Taltherians in their defenes.

Primary Determent: Military Force (0)
Secondary Determent: diplomacy
Diffculty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Single
Actors: Military
Secrecy: none
Modifiers: + Mir and Cedonia ready for this.

0-1+1+(0+1+0+0)=+1 Success. Bearing in mind that there is no good place to hold a war and that the actual location of any battle is determined by too many expernal factors to predict it (including the movement of the Sanari army), the Mir are able to determine areas of terrain which seem to give them an advantage. It is reasonable to assume that the Sanari will be forced to follow the Wyr River to maintain both a source of water and rapid supply lines. If they vary from this, it should be possible to harry the Sanari into the barrens of Hansari or turn them back north-east into the desert. With this in mind, the Warlord (and her advisors) feel it best to begin massing troops in the area of Unnirand, using Pran and Tal as fallback points and key links and storage areas for the joint supply lines. Ironically, many of the refugees from the invasion of Myr-kun (including some Eerith) have also been driven to Pran and are willing to assist the Warlord's forces.

Action II: Improve Military (3 of 3 years)

The Mirish Military is small and not vary good. Mir will begin to retrain its people and retrain its magic users to be great Warmages.

Primary Determent: Military Force (0)
Diffculty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Single
Actors: Military
Secrecy: none
Modifiers: + Eerith help
+ A new Warlord.

0-1+1+1+(1+1-1+1)=+3 Superior Success. After years of intense and sustained action, the Warlord and the Eerith are able to train a core of warrior-mages who, in turn, are able to spread their knowledge and leadership throughout the Mir forces. (Military improves, adjust determinants accordingly)

Action III: Find the Scepter. (2 of ? years)

It is becoming more aparent ever day that the Sorcerers need to find the scepter. So they begin to look. They are also going to seek help from the Eerith.

Primary Determent: Magic Sophistication (+4)
Diffculty: Huge (-3)
Weight: Single
Actors: Sorcerers
Secrecy: Results
Modifiers: + desperate.
- Hiden for a long time

+4-3+1-1+(Eerith assistance +1)+(0-1+0-1)=0 Marginal. The Mir are able (with heavy Eerith assistance) to locate the most probable area for the Scepter to be hidden. The Scepter is almost certianly hidden in the forested mountians between the Arand River and Telar Pass. Fortunately, the Mir may have an unexpected ally in recovering the artifact--the native people, the Onagir, who already have Eerith living amoung them and who hosted the Mir scholar Granthtan in 1415.

Action IV: Improve the Archmage hold. (2 of 2 years)

Eubraotsa has barly been able to hold Mir togther but with war coming it is time to strenghten his hold over the country and to improve his stanging. He begins to work imporve his Consent, Influence, Authority. He is going to uses the try to improve his standing among forign powers their by forceing the political oposition to except him and their by increasing his power.

Primary Determent: Influince (0)
Diffculty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Single
Actors: Eubraotsa
Secrecy: none
Modifiers: + He has brought back the Crown of Mir
+1 recent success in external diplomacy

0-1+1+1+(-1+0-1+0)=-1 failure. Eubraotsa is able to determine for a certianty what he has long suspected: the people's confidence in their leadership is very low. The independance of various council members (as well as a recent traitor in their midst) have, however well intentioned, indirectly undermined the absolute authority of the Archmage. In addition, much of the Mir population are still distrustful and upset by all the recent relations with 'free' Eerith and even more simply refuse to see how the actions of 'a few scattered nomads in the desert' can pose a threat to the powerful Mir. Even worse, many, while favoring the Archmage's actions, remain unimpressed by his son (citing several missions lead by the AM's son with poor results) and therefore want to restrict the AMs actions to insure that he remains safe and not exposed to any external threat. The only two positives found are that 1) there is no active opposition to the AM, simply a state of unrest, and 2) this problem has been recognized in time to deal with it, if the AM chooses, before any real stress is placed on the Mirish political system by war.

Action V: Help Pralug

Mir will send mony and food and other suplies to help Pralug rebuild after the hurrican that hit. they are to help rebuild and what ever is needed. twenty Sorcerers are to sent to help.

Primary Determent: Wealth (great +2)
Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Actor: Sorcerers
Weight: singal
Modifiers: - Extra actions.

2-1-1+(0+0+0+1)=+1 Success. The Mir are able to cushion much of the secondary trauma resulting from a natural disaster and assist Pralug in rebuilding quickly.