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Actions in Game

Society Name: The Eerith


Year Important events
1421 The Eerith are finally free from their prison.
1420 The Eerith help Mir find the Scepter.
1419 The year is spent with the Eerith deviding up into groups.
1418 The Eerith withdraw form Mir to deal with internal problems.
1417 The Eerith begin to help train Mirish Warmages.
1416 The Golden Mirror is recovered.
1415 The Refuges of Myr-Kun are lead to safty
1414 The remaning Onagir are found.
1413 The Eerith sign a treaty with Mir.
1406 The Eerith attend the secret gathering in Mir by hiding in the bodies of official delegates
1405 The Seekers infiltrate Myr Kun, while the Defenders imprison Sorcerers in Annaeyana.
1404 The Seekers find a new avenue of investigation