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Actions in the Game Year 1420

Society Name: The Eerith

1 and 2 are included in the Mirish results
3 and 4 are to simply continue doing what the Eerith have already been doing.
Since the Eerith are so closely tied to the current Sanari/Mir activities, it is almost impossible for me to seperate out their actions so, instead, I am effectively removing them from "player society" status and using them to facilitate as an NPS. If that's too confusing, let me try saying it a different way-the Eerith aren't DOING anything for a while other than helping or hindering other societies with what they are doing so, rather than have a seperate "eerith turn"; it makes a lot more sense to just piggyback the Eerith actions. Let's face it, the Eerith are an NPS (or, more specifically, a GM controlled society) and will be that way for a while. Sorry for the confusion (and, yes, Canto of Sand is almost done. Maybe another week and I'll have the narrative from 1414 to current).