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Actions in the Game Year 1417

Society Name: Torphan

Weight: Double, double (for a net bonus of +3)
Secrecy: -1 to roll
Determinant: Magic sophistication +4 (the lowest of the two societies)
Difficulty of Task: Mythic (-5)
Modifiers: +1 The actors themselves. +1 for the Myr-Kun carryover bonus from 1415. I decided that the other modifiers would end up in a push between the two sides involved.

So, +3-1+4-5+1+1(+3 total and the die rolls).
+3+(-1+1+0-1)=+2 (Complete Success)

Suggestion: The mission to "retrieve" the golden mirror is, on the surface, a complete success, with all actors escaping with minimal injury. Near the end of the mission, secrecy is abandoned in favor of speed and the "enemy" is aware of both the theft and the actors (almost certain to seek retribution at a later date). Matters are further complicated as the Mir and Eerith actors differ about where the Mirror should be delivered. The issue if finally resolved by the creation of a duplicate mirror. Each society retains one and neither the actors nor the enemy are certain which of the two Mirrors is the actual relic, thus insuring that, before the Mirror can be used, both peoples must again act together.

Actions 3&4 Find (and keep hidden) the Septer

Type: Arcane quest
Actor: The most trusted of the Eerith and the most secretive: The Disciples
Weight: double
Secrecy: Abort mission if secrecy is compromised. Even other Eerith would not know the specifics (-1 for it being so secret.)
Prime determinant: Magic Sophistication
Task: Mythic
Modifiers: +? The Eerith have actually known the general location of the Septer all along but have kept this a closely guarded secret.

+5 -4 +1 -1 (-1 +1 -1 -1) +2 = +1 Success.

Suggestion: The Eerith sent to discover were the Scepter had bben hidden but when they got their they discovered that it had been taken. They did discover who took it but it was to late to do anything about it. So they watch. Keeping them selfs hidden.