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Actions in Game Year 1404

Society Name: The Eerith


"That was hasty and ill considered."

"No. Homans react poorely when under pressure. If we keep them scared, they will make mistakes. We need them to make every error possible. Then we can act freely."

"We must discuss this further."


The Eerith are going to begin to get busy after the actions of the Defenders. well caught by the way Dylan :)

1: The 40 Free Eerith hold a conference below Annaeyana. Their discussions take the appearance of swirls and tendrils of light - a veritable storm - between the land and the underbelly of Annaeyana.

The Creators want the others to carefully consider the actions. The Sorcerors have our brothers under their power (trapped) Our first priority should be discovering how the prison is kept up and how it can be destroyed.

The Mystics agree with the Creators. They want to continue the great experiment - and need more Eerith to speed up the process. With only 40 there are not enough to do anything. The Eerith must be freed. We must do this ourselves so that we can do free ourselves should the sorcerors try again.

The Defenders want to get the Sorcerors to come to Annaeyana - and then throw them into the prison as well - then they will figure out how to escape for us... (they built it, they chould be able to open it as well) The best way to draw them here is to scare them - make them come and check the prison!

Changers are getting sick of sitting about staring at the prison. They want to get out and do things. Make things happen. The Defenders have opened up an opportunity, and the Changers will support them

The Seekers want to know whats going on in the West.

Determinant: Consent

Task: Fair

Mods: + Its already started, the Defenders have taken the initiative.

This should be a "conflict" roll. Whoever gets the best results will be able to go their way... (Mystics + Creators are for testing the prison, Defenders and Changers are all for dealing with the humans, Seekers just will help whoever helps them explore) There are 3 other actions going on. Whoever wins the above gets +1 to their action, whoever looses gets -1.)



Creators & Mystics = +4 -0 +0 + (0 -1 0 -1) = +2

Defenders & Changers = +3 -0 +1 + (-1 -1 0 -1) = +1

Seekers = +3 -0 +0 + (0 +1+1 0) = +5

The Seekers put forward a convincing argument and get +1. The Defenders & Changers and the Creators & Mystics lose and get -1.

In all the following actions there will be no direct contact between Eerith and anyone else. Any effects will be very coincidental. ie people can attribute the effects to other things - luck, chance, forces of nature, etc


2: Harass the Sorcerors. (Defenders + Changers)

Task: Hard

Det: Military Force / Magic Sophistication

Mods: + this is just scaring them, not doing any real damage

-1 due to action 1

-1 the Defenders underestimate the Sorcerors (one of their compatriots was discovered)

-2 the connection between jinxes and the prison is rather vague

+1 the sorcerors are already worried about the prison

The Eerith want to lure the Sorcerors into coming to check the Prison, then chuck them into the prison as well. Hopefully the Sorcerors will open the prison to release their compatriots - and the Eerith will escape at the same time!

The scaring is composed of playing on their superstitions, and leaving subtle hints about the weakening of the prison. Lightening from storms just happen to strike at mages in the streets, winds conspire to trip them up, little things get lost or forgotten about - basically just jinx the Sorcerors.


Result = +5 -1 +1 -1 -1 -1 +1 + (+1 -1 +1 -1) = +2. Great success!

The Sorcerors convene and begin discussion on sending a delegation to the prison in the forthcoming year. The exact make-up of the delegation is undecided but there are far too many portents pointing towards trouble in the west to ignore. The Archmage himself is considering leading the expedition.


"The evidence is near conclusive. They are once again free!" The robed people milled about with some consternation. Worried muttering filled the ancient halls.

"And is the course of action set?" came a worried call from the floor.

"No. But we muct act before they organise. That was the main reason our predecessors were able to control them. They provided many years of invaluable service before they became corrupted. Once again we have a chance to further our knowledge - They can teach us once again. But we will have to decide how to act very soon. I put forward our best course of action after this sporadic harrasment is to find out first hand the condition of their prison."

Again, the floor erupted into heated discussion.

A shimmering haze hid in the corner. Contented for the moment.


3: Study the prison for ways to render it useless (Mystics and Creators)

Task: Epic (Upgraded to Mythic - it must be as they've had long enough to look at the thing and made no headway so far)

Det: Magic Sophistication

Mods: -1 due to last action

This mysterious prison created by the Sorcerors has held the Eerith for many hundreed (thousands?) of years. The problem that this has presented is that the Eerith have no idea how it works! It can't be physical, as the Eerith aren't physical beings (well, most of the time), and if it were a normal magical "barrier" then the Eerith know more about magic than the Sorcerors - and so should be able to just pull it down, but it seems to be alive and reacts to any attempts of escape.

The Eerith want to find out how this damn prison works!!!

No attempts will be made to open the prison, just to find out how it works. Once they know exactly how it works, then they will open it.


Result = +5 -5 -1 + (0 0 0 -1) = -2 (Serious Failure)

Yet again the Creators and Mystics know no more than they did when they began. Even worse, their tampering created a reaction in the barrier which caused shockwaves - if the Sorcerors hadn't made up their mind that they were visiting Annaeyana, they certainly would have on experiencing those! The shockwaves also have repercussions with the Seekers' actions…..


The world slowly corrected itself, the land once more becoming calm and stable - the wind dying down to a spiteful breeze.

At the northern point of Annaeyana, eight beings of flowing light slowly reformed.

"That was a mistake." Swirls of light marched angrily up and down it's body.

"The reaction was more intense than expected. Perhaps there truly are remnants of sentience among the weave of energy creating that prison. This is a promising..."

"Promising? You have no knowledge of what it can do, yet you treat it as a plaything. I am wasting my time here, I will return to tell my brothers of your incompetence." The light shot up into the air.

"We have erred. The Interventionists will be unopposed now - mainly because of our tinkering, and your hasty experiments"

"I thought that was our purpose?"

"Not always."


4: Find out whats going on to the West...

Task: ??? Hard? (Downgraded to Normal )

Det: ?? really tiny (tiny -5) only a few ppl available to do this.. (Changed to Magical Sophistication….)

Mods: + just trying to get basic impressions...

- not many available to go and see

- shockwaves caused by the Creators & Mystics meddlings

The Seekers have been noticing strange happenings below Annaeyana. Unlike the Defenders and Changers who are trying to scare the crap out of the Sorcerors, the Seekers want to remain undetected. (the observer should try not to interfere with the observed - leads to bad observations)

The Seekers open all their senses and pass high into the skies towards the west. They try to get an impression of what is to the west. Safe/Dangerous. Where is it? What people are about? What do those people look like.

Just some basic impressions. Later years can be devoted to more study if the situation warrents it.


Result = 5 +0 +1 -1 -1 + (0 0 +1 -1) = +4 Extraordinary Success!

The Seekers travelled to the western coast of the continent, searching high and low for the source of the strange artifacts which manifested themselves as lights in the sky. They were astounded at what they found. At the mouth of a river, as it opened up into the Maripai Sea, a huge barrier was in place, covering what seemed to be a small town. Incredibly, the barrier seemed identical to the one containing their fellows in Annaeyana. What astounded them most of all - as they watched and studied the phenomenon, it suddenly winked out of existence.


"This _is_ unexpected."

Three Eerith circled each other in a small hollow formed by the sea of dunes all about.

"But definently to our advantage. The Isolationists will have no reason to remain at Annaeyana now, when we can all examine how the energy was moulded out here!"

"Why stop there? If these mortals can create this now, this disproves the Mytics theory that the prison was an accident. We can prove that it was the mortals intent to enprison us - and that they still have the knoweldge to do so."

One of the triumvirate's flowing lights took on an approximation of human form.

"Our old skills can possible come into play. We can learn directly from them without their knowledge."

The other two paused suddenly - "It has gone!"

"It is now imperative. We can no longer watch from a distance, we have to learn from them. It is our only choice."

"Find the others. We must put forward our case."


The Creators and Mystics get -1 to Consent for next 5 years due to their fumbling. It would have been the next 5 millennia, but the Defenders are too excited at their plans going well, and the Seekers are preoccupied with their discovery. The Seekers get +1 for their actions next year.

However, the fumbling also increases the chances of the Archmage going on the expedition to Annaeyana. (+1 to that for Mir actions next year).