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Actions in the Game Year 1414

Society Name: Eerith

Action 1:

Send a prophet to the Sinari and treat with them regarding Myr-Kun. The prophet (Alfos) speaks from the Eerith undercurrent and may, at times be less than cogent. The Eerith are primarily concerned with establishing contact but will be insistent on a few points. 1) The Eerith area physically occupied in Myr-Kun (immediately under the floating city) is to be avoided by Sinari forces. 2) The ex-soceror who assisted at the battle of the gate does not speak for the Eerith. 3) The seeresses of Sin-Alb are "family" of the Eerith (a rather cryptic set of references that make no sense to non-Eerith). 4) The killing in Myr-Kun should stop (offering a confusing explination about how the death energies are still feeding into the original death energy spell woven by Allata and can be channeled into his disciples to be used against them).
Type: External/Diplomatic
Actors: One Prophet (Defender)
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None (Blatant, the Eerith want the other invitees to know that they will be attending)
Determinant: External Politics-Sinari (no official relation history but complex religious ties-modifier unknown)
Task: Easy (I think the Eerith can find the Sinari) +1
Modifiers: + the Sinari are making no secret of there presence or location
+ the Eerith and Seeresses have a history, the prophet will at least be heard

Result: +1 +2 + (-1 0 0 -1)= +1 Success

Suggestion: Work out between players.

Action 2:

Fearing the extinction of the Onagir and the permanent loss of knowledge, a small group of Searchers will defy the general consensus of the Eerith and attempt to contact these people and learn of their culture. Now desperate from past failures and aided by the lack of organized Videssian opposition, the Eerith drop all pretense of human form and us all arcane abilities to locate the Onagir people. Their quest is joined by the Eerith Searcher Tributary
Type: External/Diplomatic
Actors: Four Searchers and Tributary
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Determinant: External Politics (average tolerance)/ Mythic magic also being employeed
Task: Hard (-1)
Modifiers: - Very few actors for the scope of the task
+ This is something that the Searchers feel is something that they MUST do. The possible permanent loss of knowledge is in direct violation of who and what they are.
+ The Searchers have spent a year determining where the Onagir aren't
+? The use of Eerithian magic may add as much as +5

Result:-1 +4 + (-1 +1 0 +1)= +5 Extraordinary Success

Suggestion: The Searchers find and locate many of the few remaining bands of Onagir. Contact is succesfully made. [You may detail if you wish.]

Action 3:

The Eerith will give sanctuary to any inhabitant of Myr-Kun crazy enough to flee the Sinari and request it.
Type: External/Assistance
Actors: Twenty Eerith of all types
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None (the Sinari will be made aware of this condition even if nobody actually takes advantage of it)
Determinant: Unknown (this is a passive action contingent on the other parties involved and therefore could be completely irrelevant, political, or even military)
Task: See determinant
Modifiers: - The Eerith are largely ignorant of the physical needs of humanity
- The Eerith may very well be viewed by the populace of Myr-Kun as worse than dying at the hands of the Sinari (and they might be right)

Result: -2 + ( +1 +1 0 0)= 0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: A very few survivors are granted shelter.

Action 4:

In accordance with the treaty of 1413, the Eerith will assist the Mir in their quest for shiny baubles. They will begin by assimilating all knowledge that the Mir have on the artifacts in question.
Type: External/Diplomatic
Actors: One searcher and One defender (only acquiring knowledge from Mir this action)
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Determinant: External Politics (Mir -4)
Task: Trivial (+3) [+4] (the Eerith are only getting the common information which the Mir are happy to divulge)
Modifiers: - The Eerith have a short attention span and do not really feel this issue is overly pressing (it is important but the Eerith are a little distracted by internal affairs)
+ The treaty of 1413 assures full cooperation
- There is still a deep mistrust between the two sides.

Result: -4 +4 -1 + (+1 0 +1 0)= +1 Success

Suggestion: The Eerith have absorbed Mir's knowledge of the artifacts.