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Actions in the Game Year 1419

Society Name: The Eerith


Things are looking better

Action 1 (assist the Mir in locating the Scepter)
This action was expressed as a modifier on the Mirish resolution of their own action.

Action 2-4 (what a mess)
I finally gave up trying to phrase all of this as a coherent action. So...

In late 1417, the Eerith "political" structure was shocked by revelations and investigations of their own past. This disturbance came on the heals of the already disconcerting events surrounding Sin-Alb and Mir from 1413 forward.

In 1418, efforts by the creator faction of the Eerith to reconcile these issues created even more confusion as even the creator's themselves could not agree on a course of action.

Early in 1419, the Eerith experience a mysterious yet significant upturn. So, how do the Eerith spend the rest of 1419 in light of all of this? As I said, I can't figure out how to do it as specific actions but the following is what I see developing:

By late 1419, the Eerith have seperated into four temporary sects, each comprised of a mixture of the old factions and each still acting on what (at least in their opinion) is the best interest of the Eerith. This schism is not a hostile one. The primary seperating factor is confusion rather than dissension and so this action is a temporary "withdrawl to heal", if you will. That this comes at the worst possible time for the rest of the world is largely of no consequence to the Eerith.

The majority of the Eerith, especially the human entities drawn into the society (such as the refugees and the exiled Sinari Seeresses), remain committed to assisting the humans (Mir in particular), and are primarily located in the Wyr river basin (probably joining the Mir in the area).

A small number of Eerith (specifically the Disciples and Tributary and made up predominantly of Creators) remain with the Onigar and continue to seek to make sense of the races fractured past. This group remains in contact with Granthtan and also includes those assisting the Mir search for the Scepter.

A third block of Eerith, primarily defenders and made up mostly of those most disturbed by recent developements, have withdrawn completely from contact with non-eerith entities. Their predominant location is the south-western most portion of the continent (the quietest and most distant place they could find without withdrawing into the dreaming or beyond).

The fourth "sect" of Eerith are those eerith which, presumably, are assisting the Sanari invasion. It is unclear if they act of their own accord or if they are arcanely "bound" to serve.

My apologies for the unusual turn presentation. With a race both as active and enigmatic as the Eerith, it seemed prudent to simply take a turn just to figure out where everyone was.