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Actions in Game Year 1406

Society Name: The Eerith


The Creators are beginning to feel a bit down. They have continually failed in their attempts to open the prison and release their brothers, and are beginning to feel "stuck". To make the best of a bad situation they decide that it is time to have a good look at who their neighbours are. The creators decide that they will now reveal their "true" form, but make an attempt to fit in.

They make bodies for themselves. They apear to be human, but have a "glow" about them (not literally, but seem more "there", they draw attention to themselves) Across the entire body is a complex pattern of spirals, lines and geometric shapes tatooed to the skin - almost like writing. Each Eerith has a unique pattern. They cloth themselves in the garb of the desert people - robes and headgear -  so that all that is really apparent is the eyes (which are a golden colour) and the tattoos circling them. 2 are sent among the desert tribes, 2 to the Saraan, 2 to the Celepar explorers and 2 to Myr-Kun. They will be very soft spoken, and will always try to go along with the local customs. They will attempt to open relations with the peoples. They story that they will give is that they are from a city in the desert. They will not volunteer any information about themselves, and will not reveal the fact that they are from Annaeyana - or openly use any magics. They will, however, say that "We are Eerith" No personal names will be given - they will say that it is a custom of their not to give their names.

Tactical, External
TYPE: Diplomacy.
ACTOR: Creators.
SUMMARY: Meet and Greet the fleshers.
WEIGHT: Single.
PRIME DETERMINANT: Avg Tolerance (Fair +0)?
TASK: Normal
MODIFIERS: + Some groups actively looking for us, or came a long way to get to Annaeyana (Celepari, Sarra)
- Annaeyana is a place of fear for the locals. May be prejudiced(local tribes)
REACTION: Could get nasty if it brings bad relations.

Result: 0 +1 –1 + (-1 –1 +1 –1) = -2 Complete failure.

Suggestion: The Celpalar & Saraan interpretations can be negotiated with those players. As Mark is working on the desert tribes, he may have input for that also. As for the Sorcerers of Myr Kun, well maybe they see through the Eerith disguises and aren’t too amused….


The Mystics are very curious. The Vraa'al High Lord was able to call an Eerith out of the Prison by himself. He does not appear particularly powerful magically (by comparison to them) and has grabbed their interest. All nine of the Mystics (8 original, + 1 out of prison) go to the Vraa'al. They take on a similar appearance to the Creators (tatooed men in robes) but their eyes are a deep blue-silver colour. They will try to learn as much about the history of the Vraa'al and that of the surrounding lands that they have missed over the many years of their isolation.

Tactical, External
TYPE: Diplomacy
ACTOR: Mystics
SUMMARY: Open relation to the Vraa'al
WEIGHT: Single.
PRIME DETERMINANT: Avg Tolerance (Fair +0)?
TASK: Normal
MODIFIERS: + The High Lord started this, he'll want to continue the relations.

Result = 0 +1 + (-1 0 +1 0) = +1 Complete Success. Graham can give you more on the Vraa’al. As far as nearby societies (western Free Cities), use your imagination!

ACTION: 3 + 4

The rest of the Eerith have decided that the Mir deserve to be watched very closely. They are going to play a little trick - they will hide in various delegates to the "meeting". They watch for those approaching Mir by the various paths (land and sea) and seek out those with the most magical skill. The eerith will "hide" themselves in the flesh of these delegates. (if they enter the "mind/soul" they take over the host, this time they are not doing  anything to reveal themselves. All the "hosts" will know is a few strange dreams.) While the Eerith are hidden inside these, they can watch and listen to what is going on at all these meetings. If the Mir try to search out for the Eerith, the most that they should discover is that the delegates appear to be "powerful" magicians (not unexpected). Even in a worst case scenario (big failure) the Mir may even discover a few Eerith, but then how are they going to attack them without killing the delegates? That would really piss off a few societies - Mir Sorcerors killing their delegates for no obvious reason!! If all goes according to plan (success) the Mir will think that there are no observors, and so speak their mind. If things go REALLY well (great success +) the Eerith will be able to learn a lot from the "hosts" and will be able to slowly impart a "good feeling" in the Hosts towards the Eerith. (bonus to relations?, negative to Mir?)

Tactical, External
TYPE: Spying
ACTOR: Changers, Defenders, Seekers
SUMMARY: Check up on this "meeting" of the Mir.
WEIGHT: Double
PRIME DETERMINANT: Magical Craft (+2)
TASK: Normal
MODIFIERS: + they know how to keep out of sight very well.
+ there are a lot of mages there, so will be v.hard to discover and they are all strange to the Mir.
- probably expected
+ Double action
+ there are a lot of eerith going (24) so can infiltrate many Mages.


Result: +2 +3 + (0 -1 0 -1) = +3 Superior Success.

The Eerith manage to hide in the bodies of the Vraa’al delegates without seemingly being detected, and are thus able to attend the meeting in Mirabalpur. (Full details soon!)


-- reserve the right to rebuttal. If the Sorcerors really pour out the bulls##t and the delegates start to believe it then the Eerith may do something - but I'll write something else later depending on how the the Meeting goes.

OK. <g>