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Actions in the Game Year 1418

Society Name: The Eerith


Disaster! One of the most ancients secrets of the Eerith is rediscovered by the Eerith and the Eerith are devided.

Action 1: Withdraw from Mir
The Eerith will withdraw their presence from Mirish areas except for those gaurding the sorcerors and Reese.
Primary Determinent: Consent (+4)
Diffculty: Routine (+2)
Weight: Single
Actors: Eerith
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: None

Results +4 +2 (+1 -1 0 -1) +5 Superb Success

Suggestion: The Eerith mystiuosly disaper on night. Only Rease is the only one to still be seen. There was something left though. The Wife of Asuda's woke one morning to find a small weird shaped pendent haging from he son's neck. On the the table in the room was a note. "I will always be with him." it was signed "Thaench Godeerith."

Action 2: Gaurd (oversee) the Mirrish searchers
Establish a tangible presence amoung the mirish sorcerors searching for the Septer.
Primary Determinent: Military force (+5)
Difficulty: Normal (+1, the mir have invited the eerith presence)
Weight: Single
Actors: Defenders
Secrecy: None
Moifiers: -1 small number of actors
-1 although this is a form of military action, it is not a straightforward action and not something defenders typically do.

Results +5 +1 -2 (-1 +1 0 0) =+4 Success

Sugestion: The Eerith are so involved in the search that on day a Sorcerers turned around and ran straight into the Eerith guarding him. The eerith are praticly leading the Sorcerers around by there noses.

Action 3 and 4: Internal consent
Primary Determent: Consent (+4)
Diffculty: Huge (-3)
Weight: Double (+1)
Actors: Valor and the Creators
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: -2 (This was a disaster role) as noted last year, the eerith have learned certian secrets about themselves which has caused some internal dissention. This action will determine the level (if any) of schism which results from these revelations.

Results: +4 -3 +1 -2 (0 -1 -1 0) = -2 Faliure

Suggestion: ? Could you write something up.