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Begining of the End
by Omar


Part 2

No Smiles, No Tears, No Feelings, No Words. The Emperor of Hisaria was that way, Empty and Powerless, Loosing control of everything. The Tylop Clan was Worried because they don't want to loose control, to loose the Throne, Milarua was worried about her bother more than anything else. She walked by the market followed by her body guards, looking here looking there for something to buy to easy the Pain of his Bother. After Hours and hours in the market some words in the wind called her attention.

- As you heard Woman the Tylops plan to raise the taxes to help in the rebuilding process .- Said a man to a woman a few feet away from milarua.

- They are Killing us to gain more wealth, the rebuilding will never be completed. - Responded the Woman

- I fear that too, I tell you we need Power and Strength. I think our clan could give support to others.- Commented one more tine the man.

- Keep the low voice man, you could be dead in a second for that words.- said Milarua walking to the not so old man and standing behind him.

The Man and Woman turned to see who was hearing their conversation and in the moment their eyes looked the beautiful face of milarua fear owned their bodies and faces.

- My ... Lady..I.. I.... sorry.. we ..just... - The man said trying to explain but milarua turned around, whisper something in the ears of her body guards and walked away leaving the guards behind.

There was nothing to buy at the market nothing good at least. There was mud in the streets, workers here and there, constructions everywhere, whisper everywhere. More preoccupations and sorrow for Milarua.

- Milady do you want to take way the bad humor of the streets with an aromatic bath? - Asked the personal servant of milarua as soon as she entered her house.

- Yes and After that prepare the Table with the best meat and fruit we have .- Ordered Milarua

- There will be guests? - Asked the Servant

- No I'm not Hungry. Just put two plates in the table .- Responded milarua walking to her bedroom.

The Night is here, the sky was full of stars but there was something strange in the air. Milarua was in her bedroom standing in front of a mirror when someone knocked at the door

- Enter.

- Milady, the Guards are here. - informed the servant girl as soon as she entered the room

- Alone ?

- No. They came with a Man and a woman

- Dismiss the Guards, tell them to guard the entrance of the house. - Ordered Milarua combing her hair in front of a mirror

- The Man and the Woman!? - Asked the Servant

- Guide them to the Table and serve them dinner, I'll be there in a minute

The servant exited Milarua's Bedroom and walked to the house entrance where the Guards along with same pair, the man and the woman, from the market waited. The man was nervous and worried. Whispering in the Guard's hears the servant girl gave the order to guard the entrance of the house.

- You two follow me . - Said the Girl as soon as the Guards exited the House. Walking behind her the two people from the market followed the Girl to a huge living room decorated with beautiful jewels and vases. The Woman never in his life saw some luxury like this but then they arrived at the Dinning Room where a large table was prepared and served with several plates filled with meat, rice and fruit and some vases with wine and water. - Eat. Lady Milarua Will be here in a minutes

- Eat ? .- Asked in an ignorant way the man looking to the woman who was standing next to him.

- As you hear, Eat. You are guests here . - Responded the servant.

After that answer the pair looked at the table an the emptiness of their stomags was hear all over the room then they looked at each other and as soon as they were close enough the attack on the table began like dogs eating for the first time. The servant trying not to laugh nor cry for such a spectacle been shown in front of her exited the Dining Room and walked to the kitchen.

Near the end of the attack on the table, that lasted only a few minutes, something came to the mind of woman who stopped her cannibalism on a piece of meat.

- What happen woman? eat .- asked the man looking the action of the woman.

- Why she is doing this ? .- Asked the Woman

- Who, Lady Milarua?

- Yes.

- Maybe She wants us to stop talking bad about her Clan. - Responded the Man without stopping the battle of the meat and wine.

- But Why?

- Why...What?

- Why this way?, feeding us to death! maybe .- commented almost whispering the woman. Feeling like he had eaten a rock the Man drinked a lot of wine and looked the woman.

In that moment Milarua entered the Dining room followed by the servant girl. As soon as the man and woman saw her they standed and looked at her for a moment then lowered their heads to the table.

- Sit and Continue .- Said Milarua, dressed in beautiful clothes and wonderful perfume according to the mourning period

They did as Milarua said but now the battle against the food was slow and the eating process was painful, It was the fear. They Continue Eating and milarua looked at them every moment, every movement, when they were done the servant proceeded to clean the dinning table.

- How was the dinner ? .- asked Milarua to the Man and the woman, who looked at her with fear of death

- Delicious your Highness, milady .- responded the woman

- Can I know your Name and Clan ? .- Asked Milarua

They looked at each other, the man and woman, trying to answer but the fear make them forget for a moment their own names, and even seconds before drinking a full vase of wine their mouths were dry as a desert.

- I'm..... Lop Juik I my wife....Asteri Filos, milady.- Responded with nervous and low voice

- We're at your service your Highness.- Added Asteri, the Woman, while Milarua in a calmed and beautiful way sitted in a chair next to her in front of them.

- You don't have to feel fear because nothing is going to happen to you two, I know that what you say this morning were not your words .- Said Milarua

- I don't.... understand Milady - Said Lop

- In one of the recent meetings of the Clan Council, there were a suggestion to raise the taxes to help in the rebuilding process...........And as you know the Clan Council Meetings are done with closed Door and everything there is kept there unless is necessary for the Isir to know. - Explained Milarua looking at the eyes of lop and Asteri

- Yes, Milady .- Responded at the same time the nervous and fearsome pair

- Great, you understand..... because then to my Knowledge the Juik and the Filos Clan are still part of the Isir so that's how I know that your words from the market are not yours .- Still calmed Milarua watched how Lop couldn't talk and his wife looked at her then at him.

- My beloved husband I think Lady Milarua want to know where you hear that words . - explained Asteri

- Not Where but Who .- added Milarua

- Mi...lady if I say that then my..... our.... life..... will be in danger .- Responded Lop

- Know that you are safe here and under my protection but then also know that your words at the market were hear by many others and that kind of words against our emperor and his clan is the same as death.

- Husband....Lop my dear Tell lady Milarua please .- Said Asteri begging to his husband fearing for her life and lop's life too.

Lop Lowered his head, thinking what to say, fearing death, sweating like a river.

-I........Was at the Tavern near the market yesterday, There was a guy there...I..... was too ....drunk..... to remember his name or face.

Milarua with a gesture of dissapoiment walked to the Dinning room's exit

- But.....I remember that he have a scar in his left hand and I think his name is something like Gofer..Goti..... like I said milady I don't remember too much, he gave me a few more drinks and coins if I say the words you heard from me in the market.. I'm sorry milady forgive me .- Said Lop to malirua while she was just a few step out of the dinning room.

Milarua thinking for a moment stopped there like a statue trying to figure out who's the man Lop was talking about then with a gesture of preoccupation and confused she turned around and walked near Lop and Asari who were more fearsome and nervous than ever this night.

- From now on you will be working in this house, protected.... and you will inform ME.. and only ME of any other words about my noble clan that you hear

- Thanks, Thanks very much .- Said Lop holding the hand of his wife.

- We'll be great servants Milady .- Added Asari

- Now Leave .- Then Milarua Walked outside the Dinning room meeting with the Young Servant Girl in the way to her room.

Lop and Asari were alone in the Dinning room for a few moments, they were in silence not even talking to each other thinking of the millions of possibilities of their new jobs. Thinking in wealth and fortune, they know that the Tylop clan pay well to their servants. And Thinking how close they were at loosing their lives.

- My name is Luima, and yow will be under my words while you serve in this house . - Said the Young Personal servant girl of Milarua as soon as she entered the dinning room. - You can go now and return early in the morning.

The night were getting old, Lop and Asari were they way home escorted by one guard while Luima turned off the last candle in the great mansion of milarua. This Night was a night of discoveries for Milarua, she couldn't sleep, resting is her bed with open eyes looking up, thinking, analyzing the situation of what she had learned today. Then in the Dark Bedroom Milarua hearded some noises, her window opened

- Who's interrupting my dream ? - Asked Lady Milarua while taking in her hand a knife that was hidden under her pillow.

- Your Cousin Klop....Klop Tylop IV .- Responded the man in the dark closing the window behind him. - Luima send word that you wanted to see me.

- She's right, I need to talk to you .- Responded milarua, standing up and sitting in the bed while the man pulled a chair from a corner and sitting in front of her.

- I'm Here

- I see you still respond with your Clan Name

- Even if my Clan Don't agree with my Profession I'm Still a Tylop - Responded Klop with an Angry Voice

- That's Good...Very Good...because your Clan and I need you more than ever

- You need me now! And what about when I decided not to be a merchant and join the Guard, you were one of the many people that suggested to take my Clan name Away.

- That were other times, we didn't understand your reason to left your fortune and comfort to join the Y'dis Guard

- And you Understand that now ? - Asked a little more calmed Klop

- Yes!, You see the gods make you feel that joining the guard was your destiny, and it is, I understand that now because then how or who could help me in this times. - Responded Milarua Claming down his Cousin.

- My beautiful Cousin you were and always will be a great speaker and person, I knew it since we were kids playing around the Clan Mansion.

- Please, Don't remain me that times now

- Why ? Why you need someone to help you ? you look sad, and that is not you.

- Let me explain it to you as a Noble Member of our Clan..... had you heard the words about us?

- I don't matter or care anymore about being a Noble but as your cousin I can tell you that....yes I've heard the terrible Rumors about the Clan and the Emperor.

- Don't be worried I heard them myself....they are the reason I call and need you.

- I'm at your Service then.

- You see, early this night I've discovered some clues of the one who is speaking that rumors.

- I see...... you want me to resolve that ? - Asked Klop

- But we must find out his name first .- Responded Milarua holding the hands of her cousin in the dark

- Tell me what you know

- He have a scar in his left hand, A knife blade maybe, his name is something like Gofer or Goti, the Isir who tell me this say he don't remember well, They met at the Town Tavern.

With that descriptions Klop knew Immediately who the man was - I know him, his name and clan

- Then Name him

- Goth Malar III

The Moment Klop said that name Milarua standed from the chair with a face of fear and preoccupation

- You want me to........... ?

- Just Follow him. See what he see and meet whoever he meet...Report that to me then at the right moment confront him at make him tell you what are his....their plans.

- It Easy to say but he's one of the most secret, well trained and careful member of the Y'dis guard. I knew him because I had worked one time in a mission with him, It impressive how you discover him, he's very very careful, the Isir who tell you his description will be dead soon. - Responded Klop while milarua walked around the dark room

- I don't care at this moment for the Isir

- It will be a difficult task

- I know that and Also he's front the Clan that is speaking bad words about our Clan..... And of course you are a very well trained Y'dis Guard too.

- Well, now I'll know that.- Said Klop Standing in front of Milarua

- Then You'll ?.... - Asked Milarua

- You can Convince anyone my dear and beautiful cousin - Responded Klop.- I'll do it.

With that response milarua kissed Klop in the mouth and walked to a little table beside her bed and taking from the drawer a pendant walked back to where lop where Standing, in the middle of the dark room.

- Take this, the previous Ra'Isir blessed this pendant with protection magic for me...Take it and do you mission carefully

- I the sun is rising I've to go.....I'll contact you as soon as possible - Said Klop Opening the Window

- When all this come to an end I'll restore and support your membership in the Clan... Even if doesn't matter to you - Said Milarua before Klop Exited the Room and disappeared in the Shadows of the night.

- Gods Protect him.... and protect my Brother. - Said Milarua for herself Closing the window and getting into bed but still without sleep.