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Begining of the End
by Omar


Part 3

it's late night, only the loud voices from inside the tavern could be listened in the nearby dark streets everything else is in silence. The Isir get very loud when drinking and to demonstrate that you only have to go to the tavern at midnight when those who work at the Rebuild project get all together to forget the job of the next day, at least for a few hours.

A few blocks away of the tavern, in the south part of the city, there is a man walking in the dark like avoiding any contact with the few rays of light coming from the full moon in the night sky. His strange Cape and Clothes help him past like a ghost, he's train to walk and look like that. But this man is not alone, a few step away from him there is another man hiding in the shadows of the buildings, following him, trying to remain uncover.

Klop had been following Goth since a year now, although Goth is a very Good Y'dis and can disappear in a blind of an eye. For that matter Klop still don't have much clues about Goth's mission, He knows that Goth is the one telling the bad rumors about the emperor and the tylop clan but he feels that there is more than planting the seed of discontent in the Isir. This Night there is nothing new, Goth had visited the same places than every other night.

Suddenly From the Shadows Klop noticed someone coming down the street - it must be some drunk man coming from the tavern - thought Klop. but it wasn't a man but a woman who, to the surprise of Klop, wasn't avoided by Goth, as usually. Yet to more surprise when Goth and the Woman met in a very dark spot of the street they began to speak or better to say whispering to each other.

It took a few minutes and very good ability to Klop to position himself so he can heard what they were talking about.

- Now take the Bottle and use it exactly as I said. - Said the Woman

- Did you prepared as I told you ?

- Yes

- Then Here is your money, with something extra - whisper Goth

- Why the Extra ? - Asked the Woman

- Just take it and leave for a while - responded Goth while looking around.

- That is my plan, I'll leave the City tonight

- Not just the City, woman, the must leave the empire

- Leave the Empire! Leave Hisaria?

- Remember do not question it or...

- Ok..ok..I'll leave, I don't want to lose my life too. - The fear in her face was evident

Klop don't recognizes the woman but if Goth ordered her to leave the Empire something is happening or going to happen very soon. Without more words Goth continued walking to the tavern while the woman walked very quickly in the opposite direction.

It had been several hours since the Strange encounter between Goth and the woman, and Klop Tylop is still outside the tavern waiting for Goth while the first rays of sunlight are showing up.

- I can't wait anymore here, doing nothing. I must find out who that woman was, I've a strange feeling about her - Said Klop to himself. Leaving his post he decided to look for the Woman, who certainly must be a few miles away of the city by now.

The silence of midnight is gone, the workers resumed early this morning the reconstruction. Every Isir inside or near the City is busy rebuilding something or carrying materials from a place to another. In the Middle of this Movement of people Klop riding a horse was approaching the North Gate of the City. Passing very fast and close of the North Gate guards Klop Continued as fast as the horse can ride without stopping or been stopped by the guard, maybe it was because he was wearing the Y'dis Uniform or the guards didn't have the time to stop him before he was too far away.

The city was all noisy but the fields, the hills and the Camat River were calm. The landscape is beautiful like if the tidal wave never affected the land of Hisaria. Yet Klop didn't have the time to stop an appreciate it. He knows that the woman must be very far right now because he noticed the fear in her face caused by Goth's threats. Now after two hours of riding there was no sign of her yet, but suddenly Klop looked in the distance and saw a horse tied to a tree at the border of a forest, reducing speed he approached it but did not see anyone around.

- Uhmm. Woman's Clothes - Said Klop lowering of his horse and examining the other one

Walking a few steps inside the forest listening every sound and movement he hearded what sounded like someone crying. Then Approaching carefully and silencely to the sound, which came from behind a tree to the north, he noticed that it was a woman, the woman that he was looking for.

- Even if I left Hisaria they will find me..... - said at loud the woman still crying .- oh...God what I've done... they'll find me

- You can prevent that if..... - Said Klop coming from behind her causing the woman to turn around to face him and at the moment she saw the Y'dis Uniform she grabbed a dagger hidden in her clothes.

- Who are you ? came to kill me... - shouted the woman with the dagger in her left hand and taking a few step back like preparing to run.

- No.. Wait, no... I don't came here to kill you, I will help you - Responded Klop walking towards her're lying....What I've done can't be helped now....

-If you want to live let me help you....Goth will not hurt you

-Oh know his name he sent YOU!

-No I was following him went you two met - Said Klop approaching even more to her. - I'm a Tylop

-.........Then it already done!? - Said the Woman preparing to use the dagger on herself

But in that same instant he stopped her hand before the dagger entered her stomag. Grabbing the Dagger and pushing her very hard against a tree.

- you wish to kill me yourself - said the woman

- As I already said to you I will not Kill you but.....only if you speak and say to me what Goth is going to do - responded Klop still pushing the woman against the old tree

- Then he.....

- No...he's still in the Tavern....Tell me what are his plans and what was that you gave him before I lose my patience

- Ok....I will speak just let me sit

Klop let the Woman sit in the grass underneath the tree while he stood in front of her.

- I don't know what exactly he's going to do but what I gave him last night is a Poison...a very deadly one.

- so... that is what the bottle contained but .....

- How or against who he's going to use it?.. Don't know but .... - the Woman words were filled with fear, a very great fear.

- but what....

- I heard him say something the third time we met, a few weeks ago near the cemetery.....

- Yes, I remember that I lose his track three weeks ago near there...Continue

- I heard him whisper 'Their end is near we will rule' but it was until last night while preparing myself to leave the city that I realize that he's going to use the Venom to Kill someone at the Imperial Palace

That revelation, even Klop knowing how evil Goth could be, was surprising and fearful.

- Did you know what kind of punishment you receive for that kind of ...... plans! against the Emperor

- I know....I stopped here because I realize that I can't hide when he do it. I'm not a Criminal. I just Wanted a Position in the Kanat Isir

- even then the Council will consider you a Criminal.

- Then ... you're going to kill me, don't you?

Klop was just standing in front of the woman, thinking, examing the situation, without saying a word looking at the fearful eyes of the woman.- Tell me one more thing, Last night when you met him you said to him that you didn't want to die too ? that mean that you know he had killed before?

- Yes.. - There was a moment of silence, the woman knowing or feeling that there was no other thing to do and looking hopeless decided to speak out and maybe they could forgive her. - if I continue speaking to you, could you truely help me?

- Let heard the words you will say then I'll see what I can do.

- Ok...Yes He killed the servant that talk me about him

- I see, this servant worked at the Palace

- Yes, the servant's name was Opak, he was a childhood friend of mine. He talk me about a man that wanted an invisible venom, something that could kill someone without alerting the victim or anyone else and even confused by a decease. Opak knew my abilities with potions so I prepared the Poison and give it to him

- Uhmmm.. and when this happen, when you give him the Poison ?

- I don't remember, it was a few years ago

- Try to focus, to remember

- Don't know, a few months before the Initial Mourning...

- Before the Initial Mourning ? the Yaidi was still alive !?...

- Yes..I remember now it was four or three days before the day of birth of the heir

- Maybe God want to help me, want the Tylops to pass this dark times - said for himself Klop, seeing how everything is clearing now in his mind, the puzzle is almost complete.

- Why you look at me like that ? - Said the woman looking at Klop's face

- Don't you see it ? are you blind of mind ?

- What ?

- You provide Goth...and your friend with the means to kill the Yaidi

- Oh God......- the woman was much surprised than Klop and she was getting very nervous

- So...Goth Killed your friend Opak to erase his tracks .

- yes...he said that to me - Responded the Woman with tear him her eyes.

- So, Goth know that you know he killed Opak ? Then why you're alive? Why he didn't kill you at that time?

- He said at that time that he will need more poison from me but it have to be more powerful.

- That was the bottle you gave him last night ?

- yes..I...I don't know anymore what....what I've done ?

- Something very terrible woman, now we will focus in helping you.

- will you... ?

- Of course, I need you....I need you to say what you have said to me in the last minutes to another person

- But...

- That is my only condition to help you if you don't agree then I'll finish what Goth forgot to do....and that is never let anyone who know your secrets alive, anyone!.

- I understand but who is that person

- Easy, You will know when you have to, Get up - Klop helped the woman to stand up .- Now what is your name ?

- Mila, my name is Mila

- Ok...Mila let walk to our horses.....take this and clean your face

- Thanks

- Now ride your horse to Mitur

- Mitur ?

- Don't worry, you will be save there, contact a monk called Juko Hik and give him this ring, he will know that I send you and will protect you - Klop gave her a ring that he was wearing in his right hand.

- I still don't know....

- Trust me...if you go somewhere else he will look for you and find you when he realize the mistake he make letting you go alive..... now go, I have to return quickly to the city to keep a close eyes on him

With that last words the young woman parted away in direction to the Mitur Village thinking that at least Klop shows a little more compassion than Goth. Klop was also in his way back to the city of jall. He was thinking very deeply but he was decided, decided to confront Goth before is too late.

Meanwhile back in the city the Palace was in calm.........................