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Begining of the End
by Omar


Part 1

The day have come for Iranu Dertyr, the Emperor's Religion and Magic Advisor, to assist the Yaidi in labor and Bring to Qaiyore the Heir of the Glorious Emperor. Waiting outside the chamber, the emperor asked concerned by voices from outside the palace

- What is all that noise?

- That are the Voices of the Isir.

- And what they Want ?

- They are waiting like you my noble emperor, you are waiting for your son and they are waiting for their future Ruler. - Responded Jalir Malar IV

- The Kanat Isir is also here, they are in the Throne Chamber.- said Milarua Tylop III

- Tell them to wait and keep silence

- As you wish my Emperor .- Responded Milarua walking to a nearby balcony to talk with the Hisarian People And then ... There was Silence Outside the Palace.

But Inside loud Screams still heared, Screams from inside the Chamber, the emperor raised his head and looked concerned the chamber's Door. More Screams from the Yaidi were hear and Iranu shouting at loud to his assistants nurses. Then.....There was Silence, truly Silence.

As Milarua returned from the Balcony Iranu walked outside the Chamber. The Emperor looked at him waiting for a word, but Iranu was looking at the floor like shamed of something

- Rise your head and Tell me ?. - Asked the Emperor.....- speak to your Emperor ? - He wanted to know if it was a Boy or a girl

- Neither, Righteous Emperor - Responded Iranu raising his head with tears in his eyes.

Noticing this Jalir Aproached Iranu lowering Iranu's head with his hand and wishpering at his hear. - What Happenend ? . - Not a word from Iranu.- Respond, your life is at risk?

- The Yaidi is dead - Wishper Iranu at Jalir's ears

- And the Baby ?

- Too. - Responded Iranu Still Whispering.

Jalir turned around to face the Emperor and noted that he already knows that something went wrong.

- This is a tragic day My Emperor...But we most be strong

- What you mean Jalir ? - Asked Milarua a little confused about what she was hearing

- The Yaidi and his Son are dead. - After this response Milarua walked to his Brother, the Emperor, and with her hand over his shoulder she looked at him with sadness.

- How this Happened ?

- I did everything possible my Emperor, I....Sorry..... Too much Blood and pain. - responded Iranu fearing for his life while the Emperor turned around to hide his face and tears from everyone in the room.

- My Emperor we most Remain Strong, Not Cry for this. - Said Jalir Cruel and cool hearted, like always. - This is the right moment to show the Isir and the Kanat Isir our...your Strong! and Powerfull Spirit

Turning around the Emperor faced Iranu - I lost my Son so you most lost your life

Pleading for his life Iranu faced Jalir who turned around with an evil and little grin

- My Emperor your words are our commands but .... I feel we most Wait. Call Mo'Itir let him see the Jaidi..... - suggested Milarua

- And what do you achieve with that? .- Asked Jalir who was facing an empty wall now

Looking at the Emperor Milarua responded . - Your Heart is at trouble right now my Great Emperor, Brother, this will give you time to .... be strong . - Said almost wishpering and clearing the Emperor's face of his tears.

The Emperor moved his head approving Milarua's Suggestions. - Call the Ra'Isir, Milarua take care of the Situation .- Then Turning Around Emperor Ylik walked away to his resting Chamber leaving Milarua Standing in the center of the room, Jalir now with an angry face still looking the empty wall, and Iranu in his knees looking at Milarua with a face of gratefulness.

- Don't look me like that. I saved your life as a favor that I expect you to return some day.- Said Milarua to Iranu after the Emperor left the Room. Hearing that Jalir walked away

- I'll go to personally bring the Ra'Isir Mo'Itir to see the Yaidi.

- If you don't mind I will do that myself Jalir, You order your men to protect the Yaidi's body. - Ordered Milarua to Jalir Stoping him just as he aproached the exit door.

- Who are you to talk to me like that? - Asked Jalir while facing Milarua

- As the Emperor said I'm in charge of the Situation .- Responded the Beautiful Emperor's Sister as she passed near Jalir and exited the Room followed by Iranu, who was fearing been alone with Jalir right now.

Milarua know the pain of his Brother, he didn't love the Yaidi much or at all but the news of a son make the Emperor radiate happiness in the pass months but know she fear her brother's heart and Jalir's Cool heart too. She Entered the Throne room at the Palace and looked around all the People in the room, all members of the Kanat Isir was there waiting to see the Heir.

- The Heir of the Great and Righteous Ylik Tylop III Emperor of Hisaria have died after been born.- Said at loud Milarua and then Screams of sorrow was hear all over the Room. - With him the Yaidi was also lost.-
Some People Cried other just don't believed and Others didn't show Emotions at all.

- According to Emperor's Orders and our Traditions a three year Mourning Period will begin tomorrow. There will be no Festivities, Celebrations or Unions, any aditional profit in six months from now will be to the Emperor's House, Everyone will present their respect to the Heir in any form and Women, Children and men will use dark Color in respect to the Yaidi.- Said Milarua and then walked outside to tell the same to the Isir, Leaving the Throne Room in Sorrow and tears.