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Begining of the End
by Omar


Part 4

Klop arrived at the Palace as quickly as he could. Yet...

- Stop there Y'dis - Said a High Guard to Klop while he was trying to enter the palace

- I'm in a Mission - Responded Klop without stopping or turning around

- Stop him - Shouted the Guard and at that moment several Guards appeared from nowhere and surround him

- You dare to stop me

- The emperor is not seeing anyone - Said the Guard

- My Mission will please him

- Y'dis, Always with secrets, it look like today all you have missions here on the palace, don't you? - asked one guard. it not unknown that the High Guard and the Y'dis don't get too well together

- What you mean with that ? - Klop turned around to face the guard

- Uhmm, just a few hours ago another Y'dis came to do A mission for the Emperor and Lady Milarua

- Lady Milarua Is Here ?

- Yes, But you.....

- Guards you see this ? - Asked Klop showing the Pendant that Milarua gave to him for protection - It a personal possession of Lady Milarua, this tell you how important is my mission.

- Yes, I've seen her wearing that Pendant still......

- Then, I'll continue - And so he did, passing through the guards without looking back or being stopped by them, thinking the worst.

As always the long corridors of the Palace were almost empty just a few guards patrolling and sometimes the servants walking to their duties. Klop headed for the throne Room hoping to get in time. Suddenly he noticed a servant, at least looked like one, walking quickly but firmly and cautious. Klop recognizes that type of conduct, It's Goth. He approach him every silencely.

The Palace is a Big Place filled with a lot of rooms, a lot of Corridors, Dark corridors and Klop was in one of them, standing in the middle of it looking around, he has loss Goth like always then....... Goth Hidden in the Shadows of the Corridor, jumped behind Klop and the Fight Started. Hitting Each Other bare handed, Striking against the walls of the palace it was a Duel of Titans. For Klop this it is, the moment of truth, the moment to face his enemy. For Goth it was just another person to kill.

In the middle of all this Fight and hits Goth hurt very deeply in the right arm his opponent with a knife he was hidden in his clothes. Painfully Hurt Klop gave a step back to lean against the wall, movement which Goth take advantage of by Approaching him and placing the Knife in Klop's throat, to Finalize the Fight.

- Before your death, Why you have been following me ? who are you ? - asked Goth looking at his opponent to the eyes

- It....It doesn't matter just finish it - Responded Klop bleeding of the arm.

- Then, you truly have been following me......if you came here to stop me, It late, she's dead

That words was where worst than death for Klop, he felt that the end is not coming anymore, the end is here.

-SHE!... you mean............Milarua was your target

- And the emperor is next - said Goth whispering at Klop's hears. - She... They will die slowly and what is better everyone will think it was a decease. - Said Goth with a demonic gesture is his face - but will die quickly

With that Words Klop Closed his eyes just to try to die in peace ............. But before Goth used the knife in Klop's throat a Flash of Intense light illuminated the Dark Corridor. All Happened in an instant everything was so clear and bright. Klop felt no pain, yet he was still alive. When he opened his eyes again he saw something strange and miraculous, Goth had felt to the floor, maybe death, he didn't know or care about it but he asked himself how? when he noticed something glowing underneath his jacket.

- So, it was this, the Magic Pendant safe me - Said for himself Klop while holding the Glowing Pendant that Milarua Gave him in his hands

Then the Glow was no More and the Pendant was Silence............

Many things had happened in the pass few years and months and weeks and days, Many Bad things. Hisaria was and is at risk, the day was falling and the dark night was here.

Goth was too late, he was able to save the Emperor but in the process she didn't notice the full purpose of Klop's Plans , and that was a big mistake, now Milarua is death. He knows it was the poison but the Others believe it was a decease, a strange decease that kill her in two days. Now there were nothing to do, just wait. Goth didn't know what to do, the emperor was more sad than ever, always alone but always guarded by the High Guard, almost impossible to approach him.

The Emperor was blinded by the sadness, he didn't wanted to speak or see anyone, the Matters of the Empire were nothing important to him and that..... that was something his enemies were looking at, while Jalir Malar IV plans were taking form, good form to his interests.

Meanwhile at the Fortified city of Tepe-Hisar, the Clan Council was at session, at least what is left of the Council.

- This times are difficult ones - Said Iranu Detyr I, Clan Council Member and Magic Advisor to the Emperor

- is good that you recognize that fact now - Responded Jalir

- I certainly do, the Emperor do not want to listen to anyone, He only listen Milarua....

- And now she isn't here - added Jalir

- The Isir will not work as fast as before and the rebuilding will take more and more time...I fear they will revolt.

- I will not tolerate that, I have...We! have to take action

- But we can not do anything without consulting the Emperor - Said Iranu looking at Jalir - and certainly nothing before the Tylops appoint someone to replace Milarua here, at the Council.

- Inside the Tylops the only one who can decide who will replace Milarua is the Emperor himself but as you said he don't want to see anyone so we must do what our laws dictate

- And what do they dictate ?

- Another mourning period must begin tomorrow, and because of the love we felt for Milarua it will endure 5 years by Emperor's Order

- But..... - tried to said Iranu just before he looked at Jalir gesture.

- And to prevent any problem at the rebuilding more hours must be spent there along with more servants assigned there.

- And how that will prevent problems? - Asked fearful Iranu

- More work, less time to think about anything than work itself and they will be Guarded by the Imperial Army. All this by emperor orders. Do you understand ?- Iranu didn't have more choice but to accept, Jalir was an evil man, a man that you must be afraid of. - now, there is something else to discuss ?

- uhmmm... yes..I've received this message for the Emperor - Said Iranu showing an scroll to Jalir

- Who sent it ?

- The People of Hria.

- Hria!?, what they want, read it.
The letter was written in the Hisarian, though it was obvious that the writer was not fluent in their script, and had stopped and started and various points, writing slowly. The parchment looked as it had been given every care in the world, with archaic Hri fillagrees decorating the borders of the document.

His Highness, Ylik Tylop the Third, Hereditary Monarch of the Blessed Kingdom of Hisaria, It is with the saddest of hearts that write to You on this day. Upon hearing of the death of Your beloved Queen Milarua, the Hri all felt a deep and unanimous grief for Our neighbours to the South, and for You too, Your Highness. J'ngk Lobiral was withdrawn in mourning for nearly a Moon, fasting for long periods. All the Mahlas were filled with chanting and prayer, knowing that Your most gracious Queen soars amongst the Heavens, watched over by J'ryl, companion to all those who seek the infinite paths of wisdom and peace. We know that all beings only have a limited time in this world, but Milarua's time was too short for the goodness and joy She brought to Your land On a personal note, I would also like to extend my deepest sorrows at not having had the opportunity meet Queen Milarua in this world. I was in my hometown of Maripai when I heard the news, and even the hardy folk there were noticbly shaken. I prayed for Her myself, and upon returning to Bega, requested that the J'ngk allow me to lead an consulate to Your Blessed Land to express our sorrow. He consented without delay, and at present I await aboard my caravel in the harbour until your Highness invites us to join his mourning. I am truly sorry to be here under such sad circumstances. Shau'ri, Feather of J'ryl, Speaker of Maripai Mahla.

Beneath the letter, in a far clearer script, is her name written in Hri, as well as a delicately-drawn blue butterfly, the Seal of Maripai, followed in turn by the more common Seal of Hria in gold.

- Milarua, Queen!?, Ha! - Said Jalir almost laughing - This certainly are troubled times so It is not wise to visit us

- That mean that we will refuse their request ?

- What good could bring us their visit !?

- But they are the only ones with good relations with us right now, the others countries are just fair friends.

-Uhhh! Yet....... ok I'll be flexible on this, let them come, respond the letter yourself. Now If you excuse me I've others things to do

With that Jalir exited the Room while Iranu followed him to the door with his eyes, still sitting in the Council table

- He's acting like an emperor Already, I fear much.....- Said for Himself Iranu

And that was exactly how Jalir was felt, like an Emperor, the Hisarian Emperor.

The Isir received the bad news like a brick coming from the sky, they loved Milarua, some people think even more than any Yaidi ever. She was generous with them, she was like a loving mother to them, but now she was no more. Yet They protest almost at loud in front of the palace because they have hearded about the new mourning period and the new restrictions. But that didn't last long the Guards dispersed them. The only choice they have is to Work and keep working at the Rebuilding project because they are Protected, or better to said watched all time by the Imperial Guards.

This is only the Beginning just a little demonstration on how the things will or maybe be in Hisaria.

(Written in Collaboration with Brad Snape - Hria Player - )