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Non-human languages

Human Spoken Languages

Map of Language Families on Qaiyore

Northern Languages

Those languages spoken by the peoples of the northern rainforests and islands, including the language(s) of the Tora.

Eastern Desert Languages

The home of this language group is the lost continent of Avaerand. All languages are derived from Ancient Avaerandian (a language still spoken by the ruling caste of Bel'Adne). The Elyria site has a dictionary of Avaeran, the language as spoken by the Avaerandians who colonised that continent. The Qaiyorean Avaerans split into four geographically distinct groups:

Western Desert Languages

Eastern Mountain Languages

The languages and dialects spoken by the people known as Razanians.

Insular Languages

The languages spoken on most islands in Midsea, and parts of the northeastern and southern Midsea shores, including Balpuri (the day-to-day language of the sorcerors of Mir), other Mirish dialects and the multitude of Orasareni dialects spoken on Orasaren and the adjacent mainland, including Videssian, Cormenench, Anaduac, Damarite, Junda, Jundra and so on.

Midsea Langauges

Western Languages

Southern Languages