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Mark Mueller wrote:
Here's what I have been working on for the Saraanic Language. The language is lifted whole cloth from Enochian, which was written in the 16th century by John Dee.


lab lab-dnt dent alv alv-pal vel glot
stop b, p t, d g, k
fric v th z, s kh h
affric tz
approx l, r
nasal m n


a as in father, saw
e as in bed, dead
i as in seen, lean
o as in no, zone
u as in moon, rule
ay as in paid, weigh

Saraan English

Letter Letter Pronunciation

Gal D dah, deh
Veh K kah, keh
Na-Hath Kh khay, kheh
Ger Q kwoh
Pal X eks, etz
Mals P pah, peh, pay
Ur L lah, lay, leh
Ged G gah, gee, geh
Ceph Z zohd
Fam S esh, sah, seh
Med O oh
Drun N noo, nah, neh
Gon Y ee
Vau U, V oo, vah, veh
Tal M mah, meh
Don R ar, rah, reh
Orth Th eth, thah
Gisa T tay, tah, teh
Pe B bah, bay, beh
Un A ah, eh
Graph H hay

Saraanic Pronunciation Translation

AAO aao Amongst, Amidst
AG agi None, No
ADOIAN adoianu Face
ADPKhAKhT adapaykhakhatay Unspeakable
ADRPAN adarapanu Cast Down
AVDKAL avadakala Mercury
BAGKhYH bagikhihay Fury
BAHOVYB bahayoviba Righteousness
BAZM bazodma Mid-day
BAKhAL bakhala Cried loudly
BALZARG balayzodaraygi Stewards, Presidents
BAL-ZYZRAS balay zodizodraes Judgement
BALT balaytay Justice
GAKh gakhay Spirits
GH-YAD gihay iada Our Lord and Master
GHOBOThAL gihaobothala Great Work
GYGYPAKh gigipakhay Living Breath
GYVY givi Stronger
GYZYAZ gizodiazod Mighty Earthquakes
DAMPLOZ damepaylozod Variety
DARBS daraybaesh Obey
DARR darayray Philosophers' Stone
DAX daetz Loins
DLAThOD dalathoda Sulphur
DOALYM doaloma Sin
DOBIX dobietz Fall
HD-NAS hayda naes Receivers
HTKhARZD haytaykharayzodi Peace
HKRON haykaronu Praise
HLZAP haylazodapay Course
HMHTGYS haymahaytaygiesh Seal
HThAThAGH haythathagahay Vials


Saraanic stresses the second to last syllable:


Except in the occurrence of two vowels, in which case the syllable of the second vowel is stressed: