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River Valley Branch

The languages to the southeast of the Calarnar desert, typified by Ancient Avaerean and its' descendants.


The language spoken by the people of Aixelsydan and the related dialects of the Alorathaeans living in the woodlands between Aixelsydan and Milakanur.

Ancient Avaerean

Avaerean was the language of the people of Avaerea, a small nation of the northern shore that was the cradle of civilisation in Qaiyore. A pidgin form of the language called Trade Talk is still used in ports throughout Midsea. The Ancient Tongue, the modern pronounciation of Ancient Avaerean, is used by scholars in the region as a standard language of education and research. The true modern-day descendant of Avaerean is the Ibalan language of Celpalar.


The language of the Celpali, the people of Celpalar, descendants of Avaerean colonists.

Trade Talk

The Avaerean-based pidgin of sailors and merchants in the Midsea area.