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Meeting of Nations
by Jason Heaps


Part 4


The Archmage's inner circle was meeting again. But instead of being in their usall hard chairs they sat in soft chairs that could put you to sleep. But that was the exact reason. Because the day before the Sorcerers of Mir had done something that had not been done in a couple thousand years. They opened the gateway to the Dreaming, and they were all exasted.

"We finall opened the gateway to the Dreaming. Something that has not been done since of reign of some stuffy old mage." Dioya said in a drunken slur. Eubratosa just shoke his head. Riacrada was to tired to care, and Nioratosa was, well googing over his newborn son, Jopltosa. All of the sudden Dioya fell asleep.

"Maybe now we can discuss some issues." Riacrada said.

"Yes now that Dioya can't talk." Eubratosa commented givening the old man next to him a side long look.

"You have heard of the Sorcerer that stagered around the streets of the city yelling, 'We opened the Dreamings gateway.' We all know that if the other nations find out about this then we will be in big trouble." Riacrada said.

"I know, but what can we do?" Eubratosa says. He was rumbing the scare under his eyebrow.

"We do nothing." Nioratosa said

"Why do you say that?" Riacrada asked.

"Because their have been rumors about us reopening the gateway since it closed, and if we we don't do anything then the nations mit beleave that it is just another rumor. So if we try to stop it from spreding then the nations mit beleave it. Not to mention if we tried to detain the merchants in the city they other nations would be furios." Nioratosa looked at his father. "Father hold your grandson that should get rid of your headace."

"I think I will try your remedy." Eubratosa smiles, and picking up his grandson. All of the sudden Dioya speaks.

"Get away from me you anoing boy." They all look at Dioya and see him fighting with a pillow. It is to much, they all start laughing.


Asadu walked into the library carring his eighteen month old son. He looked around and found who he was looking for. He walked over to the Eerith seated at a desk covered with books. The Eerith looked up as he aproched.

"Hello Eerith." Asadu said as he walked up to the desk and sat down.

"Hello Asadu. Could I hold Thaench?" Eerith asked.

"Yes." Asadu hands the baby over only to gladly. "He cried all night. It was all the noise last night." Asadu pauses, "Did you hear what had happened?"

"I have heard nothing but I could fell it when the gateway opened." The Eeriths face was unreadable.

"Oh." Asadu said for lack of anything better to say. "I have some more news me and my wife have desided to name you Thaench's Godfather."

"What is a godfather." The Eerith asked.

"It is someone who is speical to the family and so they are named as the Godfather or Godmother of one of the familes children. It is a great honor." Asadu explained.

The Eerith smiled as a tear of flame ran down his face.


The Archmage sat holding his grandson. The sun was setting over the great city of Mirabalpur. Nioratosa sat next to him as they watched the sun set.

"Father I have a question?" Nioratosa asked.

"Just one. I wish I was so wise." Eubratosa said. Nioratosa chukled.

"Father was it not Tarfn who told us that Alatta was the threat." Nioratosa asked.

"Yes. Why?" Eubratosa roked the baby in his arm.

"I think we been had." Nioratosa said bluntly.

"Oh. How." Eubratosa turned his full attention to his son.

"We thought that the Sorcerers on the expedition were dead but yet we found one that lived. We also find that the same present that inturpted the Meeting of Nations in the chambers of those that went on the expedition." Nioratosa said.

"You do have a point. So what do you think has been happening?" Eubratosa stoped roking the baby.

"I think that Alatta was never the threat, and that some of the Sorcerers betrayed Mir and told us that Alatta was attacking us and so thus creating a cloak of lies that covered our sight." Nioratosa explained. "And I think that the Eerith are a major key."

"So do you think if we relese the Eerith then we will be doing what they want?" Eubratosa questioned.

"No, otherwise they would not have tried to stop us from opening the prison." Nioratosa answeared. Eubratosa sat up staight.

"What do you mean?"

"Well many of the Sorcerers agree that something from inside the prison tried to keep the prison up." Nioratosa said.

"Yes I forgot about that." Eubratosa amited. "But what about the fact that the Eerith want to be free."

"We don't know that. We just know that the Eerith that are free want them to be free." Nioratosa responce.

"Another good point." Eubratosa hands his grandson over to Nioratosa. "But if Alatta is not a threat then who is?"

"I don't know." Nioratosa ammited. They are both silent for a while both lost in thoughts of the unknown threat that hung over head. Nioratosa looked at his father and said, "I think that the Shanari are another main key element."

"And who do you think this mage is who is helping the Shanari?" Eubratosa said looking at the city below him.


Ruins of Myr-Kun

The Sorcerers looked at the Ruins of Myr-Kun below them. The fires of the Shanari was the only light.

"Who ever this mage is has very powerful spells protecting him. I actole got a look at him but I can not rember his face. Not to mention rembering his name, but he definetly was a Sorcerer of Mir." The one in black robes says.

"I was able to find less information." The one in red said.

"Well at least you two did not get cout by those blasted Shanari. They thought to have some fun before they killed me." The soft voiced one in whites vioce was as hard as steal. Then her teeth flash white in the half darkness. "Those Shanari will not be bothering any more women."

"Was that nessisary." The one in black asked.

"It was the only way to get my point across." The white robed one said.

"What is done is done." The one in red inturupted. "We must return and tell the Archmage the little that we have discovered." The others agreed and a minute later all that was left was the wind blowing sand from were they stood.


Many ships set sail from Mirabalpur. Each was headed for a diffrent cornor of the continent. Each carred three Sorcerers that were insearch of an Artifact. The Eeriths hope for Freedom layed on the Shouldres of these Sorcerers.


A dark cloud loomed before Mir