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Meeting of Nations
by Jason Heaps


Part 5

Ruins of Myr-Kun.

Most the red robed Sorcerers of Mir were gathered just beyond the senteries of the Sinari camp. They were awaiting a signal from Nioratosa. They had a purpose in mind and they had target set. These Sorcerers were out for blood and by the Goddess Miracradsa herself they would have it. They had watched and observed the Traitor for days. They knew that at the end of the day the Traitor would go for a brief walk around the Sinari camp. All of the sudden the Sorcerers heard in the vaults of the minds.

{He comes!} They all prepared themselves.

{NOW!} And with a sudden yell the Sorcerers discarded their spell of invisiblitilty.

There the Traitor stood laughing.

#You have been betrayed.# the Traitors thoughts eoched in their minds. He spook one word and on one side of him stood an ex-mirish apprentice and before the Traitor stood a shield of such power that it would have taken days to build.

Nioratosa understood just how strong th shield was but he was determined to kill the Traitor. He began to draw his energy and formed it into a spell. Then the hail began to fall.

The Traitors apprentice jumped back as he felt the hail falling on his head. Nioratosa smiled. He had been correct. The Shield was designed for things that could kill or wound , but his hail was just weak anof to not cause injure but strong anof to be a nussians.

{Begin Brothers.} Nioratosa shouted to the others minds.

The Traitor's apprentice heard the thoughts in his head and began to prepare a spell. His master next to him stood calm as if he was once again in the library, but his apprentice could feel the spell he was ready to cast.

The apprentice looked at the Sorcerers gathered before him, but his eyes stopped on one of them. Asadu. That Milakanuren had always been his rival and know here he was at the right had of the Leader of the Younger Sorcerers, and wearing the red robes of a Younger Sorcerers. The apprentices eyes and mind became focused sole on Asadu. The apprentice released the spell directed at the the young Sorcerer.

Asadu saw his old rival's look of hated and he head the swarm of hoarse flies behind him. He turned and released a spell and a second later the swarm was drowning in a cascade of water.

[You have to better then that.] Asadu sent his thoughts out to the Apprentice on the other side of the battlefield. Then they begin to throw spells at each other. As much as the other Sorcerers hated the Traitor their hatred did not match the hatred that these two shared.

Nioratosa briefly watched the conflict between those two then turned back to the battle in time to stop a fireball from consuming him. The person next Nioratosa fell. He was covered with horse flies and after a brief struggle he stooped moving.

Nioratosa could see the Sinari gathered around the battle watching a magic flew from one side to the other and right back. Nioratosa suddenly saw a meteor falling out of the sky. The meteor landed right in the middle of the battle.

Nioratosa picked himself up from were he had landed. Many of the Sorcerers had been thrown back as well. Some were running around burning, and the swamis of horse flies that had been swarming around the battle were like burning ashes.

Nioratosa turned and looked at Asadu, and gasped.

The Traitors apprentice had seen Asadu thrown back by the meteor that his master had summoned. Seeing his chance he cast lighting bolt straight Asadu's heart. Asadu did not even see what had killed him. His body was blackened by the burns, and his hand lay on a pocket and in that pocket was a small painting of his wife and infant son.

Nioratosa had been friends with Asadu as an apprentice and now his best friend lay at his side dead. Nioratosa furry bust like a volcano.

{Brothers when I say now. Combined our magic and attack.} Nioratosa thoughts eoched in the Sorcerers heads. The Sorcerers could feel his fury and with out question fifty of the Sorcerers with drew behind the front line and linked elbows. They began to chant in unison.

{NOW!} Nioratosa shouted. The Sorcerers on the front line stopped their chanting and steeped aside and the fifth Sorcerers behind them steeped forward and yelled ""CREO INGNEM"!" and a wall of fire shot forth and headed straight for the Traitor. The Traitors eyes grew large when he saw the spell that had been cast. He began to rebust his shield but he was to slow. The flame broke his shield throw him and his apprentice back. Hisinvol seeing that the Traitor was down orders the Sinari to kill the Sorcerers. The Sinari march forward before the Sorcerers could prepare another spell.

{We are to week to fight the Sinari hand to hand. Telport back to Mirabalpur.} The Sorcerers began to disappear and the Sinari hesitate. their brief hesitation gave Nioratosa the opportunity to cast one more lightning bolt straight at the Apprentices heart. Then Nioratosa grabed Asadu's body and disappeared.

The Grand Hall of the Palace of Sorcery, Mirabalpur

The group apperied in the Great Hall of the Palace of Sorcery. Nioratosa gently set down Asadu's body. Then looked around. Dioya and his class had been sitting to one side of the room when the group had entered. Dioya stood up and looked at Nioratosa.

"What happened." Dioya said as he headed over.

"Asadu is dead." Nioratosa said thinking Dioya was talking about the dead body. Dioya stopped and looked at the body then he knelt down and released a spell over the body. With in a minute the body was whole again except it was still dead.

"I am sorry Nioratosa." Dioya said after the spell was finished. He face showed his sorrow. Asadu had been loved by most the Sorcerers of Mir, "But what happened to the Traitor?"

"He knew." Nioratosa says. "He knew we were coming. He had a Mighty Shield prepared, but we were able to get throw after using the Fire Wall spell. Then the Sinari stopped us from making sure the job was done." Nioratosa looks at the body. "His apprentice is dead thought."

Dioya did not have ask the obvious. The Apprentice had killed Asadu and Nioratosa had killed him in retaliation.

"Were is my father?" Nioratosa asks.

A Day later. At the foot of the Colossus of Mirabalpur.

Archmage Eubratosa looked out over the crowd below. Asadu had been loved and it showed. The inter Brotherhood of Sorcery was gathered as well as much of the city of Mirabalpur. Even the Sorcerers from Myr-Kun had come. Eubratosa looked at the other people who shared the stand with him. He had just finished speaking about Asadu. Their was not a dry eye in the whole crowed, even the Eerith Kernin was crieing. One by one the people on the stand walk over the Asuda's coffin.

"You would have made a great Sorcerer one day, but now you are with Miracradsa. How I envy you." Dioya said.

"Asadu. If you can hear me. Do not worry about your family. They shall be taken care of." Nioratosa wispers to his friend.

"My dear Asadu. You sereved the country you loved well. I will raise our son to be like his father." Asadu's wife wispers to her dead husband.

"I swear my dear friend I will kill the Traitor in revenge." The Eerith Kernin says. He is seathing with anger over his friends death. An angry so powerful that a group of Eerith guiding the refugges of Myr-Kun stop and their eyes open wide as they feal Kernin anger.

"You have sevred you country well Asadu. You will always be remebered." Eubratosa says.

As the last person says their farewell. Asadu is placed into the crypt that stands before the Colossus, and the people watch as his name is place on the Plaque of Heros.

Somewere in the Dreaming a spirt is happly brought to the busiom of the Goddess Miracradsa.


Mir morns her lose.