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Philosophy & History

The history of the Vraa'al is a long one, with much still shrouded in mystery. They originated from The Dreaming, and were then known as Dark Elves. They were a part of the Unseelie court (The Sith) and, whilst not outwardly evil they were devious and devoted their energies to the Darkness and the Shadow.

26 years after the appearance of the great floating city of Annaeyana (BE400), the Sorcerers of Mir used their Gateway to the Dreaming to contact a small group of about 100 of these Dark Elves and persuaded them to join the world of mortals on Qaiyore. A Pact was formed (the details of which are unknown) and the Dark Elves were used as spies and assassins by the Sorcerers for over 350 years. The existence of these Dark Elf assassins was a closely guarded and well kept secret and only rumours existed as regards these 'shadow-servants' who would mysteriously dispatch those who stood in the way of the Mir Sorcerers.

During this time, the Dark Elves were 'visited' by members of the Unseelie court back in The Dreaming and given a warning to leave the lands of Qaiyore and to return. In the year BE15, around 80 of the Dark Elves used the Gateway to return to The Dreaming. The remaining 20 or so were persuaded to stay by the Sorcerers, but when the Gateway to The Dreaming was mysteriously closed from the inside (BE12), these too left the service of Mir in order to seek out a land of their own, since they were now trapped on Qaiyore.

What the small group of Dark Elves did, or where they travelled is unknown, but in the year 0005 they took up residence on the Isle of Arelcar. Ahlgren Darksword, seemingly the greatest among the 'lost' Dark Elves took it upon himself to be leader of the small group. They remained in isolation on the Island, now calling themselves the Vraa'al (an ancient Sith word meaning 'forgotten') and they developed a culture of their own, finding solace and enlightenment in the contemplation of the natural beauty of their new home. Due to the closing of the Gateway to The Dreaming, the Vraa'al found that they could produce offspring. They were no longer 'immortal' as such, but found that they lived until they grew tired of living. They kept certain traditions from their past, such as their graceful ways of fighting and combat - which they now called the Dance. They have an insatiable desire for art and everything crafted by the Vraa'al is of a high standard.

Generations of Vraa'al have come and gone, but Ahlgren still lives and rules as the High Lord. It is said that he lives life with such an intensity and passion that he may never grow tired of his existence and thus may never die. Only he and a few members of the Council know of the shadowy past of the Vraa'al, but things on the continent of Qaiyore are changing as the Vraa'al come into contact with the outside world...