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Society Determinants


Society name Vraa'al
Location Isle of Arelcar, Midsea
Languages Vraai (their own language) and a Mirish dialect.
Scope: small (-2) population - 25,000 landarea square miles - 5000 approx
Philosophical Orientation primary orientation - equilibrium ,tradition of beliefs, fighting skills etc.

secondary orientation - knowledge, acquisition of new knowledge, artforms etc.

Subsistence Wilderness% 10 (Small) - some woodlands
Wasteland% 10 (Small) - some marshland
Yield% 120 (Good) - fertile land
Urban% 5 (Normal)


Ruling Agency High Lord - not entirely autocratic, but highly respected. His authority is unquestioned, he has the good of the people at heart, he is highly intelligent and skilled in magic.
Key elements The Council - advises the High Lord in his decisions, and acts as a spokesman for the common people.
Internal politics High Lord:

Influence: Fair
Authority: Great +2
Consent: Fair

The Council:

Influence: Good +1
Authority: Fair
Consent: Good +1

External politics TBD


Military organization Everyone is taught to fight, therefore everyone does. Magic users (The Gifted) use magic as well as traditional methods of fighting.
Military values Force - Legendary +4
Size - Small -2
Economic system Currency (guaranteed by the High Lord and the Council) and also artifacts are used in a bartering system.
Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values
Trade: (Terrible)    Terrible - internally there is much trade, but next to none with outsiders
Craft:(Great)        Great - everything is well crafted and designed
Resources:(Good)     Good - the island contains metals, wood etc.
Exploitation:(Good)  Good - sound agricultural skills
Wealth:(Mediocre)    Mediocre
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion      Good      Good       Miserable Good 
Arts          Fair      Fair       Great     Great
Scholastics   Fair      Fair       Fair      Good
  Essence     Fair      Fair       Fair      Good
  Authority   Fair      Fair       Fair      Fair