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Actions in Game Year 1407

Society Name: Vraa'al

Ahlgren the High Lord of the vraa'al is NOT impressed! After hundreds of years in isolation, he doesn't send out a diplomatic fleet to his nearest neighbour simply to be fired upon by savages! The Council and the High Lord spend days in the large meeting chambers discussing the present state of affairs. Until a decision is reached...

ACTION: 1,2,3.

Tactical, External.
ACTOR: The Chosen Ones of Ahlgren's fleet.
SUMMARY: Show 'em who's boss...
WEIGHT: Triple!
PRIME DETERMINENT: Military Force (Legendary +4)
TASK: Hard
MODIFIERS: ++ Triple Action
+ The Vraa'al have been attacked and it's perfectly honourable to fight back.
+ The High Lord is annoyed by the uncivility of his neighbours, and views this as teaching them a lesson.
- If conflict does occur then it's not gonna be good for future relations!
REACTION: Heroic - the honour of the Vraa'al is at stake!

Result: I'm going to treat this as a battle, so...

Largest military unit: no significant difference
Vraa'al: +2 Triple action
-1 Hard action
Damaris: +1 Home ground


Vraa'al : 4 -1 +2 + (+1 -1 0 0) = +5
Damaris: 2 +1 + (-1 0 -1 +1) = +2
Win: lose ratio thus 1:6 ouch!!!!

Casualties: The Vraa'al lose 100 sailors; the Damarites lose around 600! The Damarite fleet has been savagely reduced in size and morale.

Suggestion: The Vraa'al are victorious, wiping the Damarite ships from the waters and leaving the city's harbour in disarray. (Damaris at -2 to trade and military actions for the next 5 years, at least). The Vraa'al actions spread far and wide. The Orasareni Defence Alliance, of which Damaris was a powerful member, may be forced to act, bringing Videssia, Anaduan & Cormenaera, to name three, into conflict with the Arelcar islanders, though Anaduan, for example, is secretly pleased at their hated neighbours' misfortune. Be warned though, the Mirish Archmage warned against this sort of action, also...

The decision is made to send out a number of ships to the Free Cities again, with diplomacy in mind. HOWEVER: should an attack occur, the Vraa'al will be more than ready and will attempt board the enemy ships and slaughtering most of the occupants and then getting answers from the captains etc. The vraa'al WILL happily pursue peaceful means of diplomacy if this is initiated, but will not think twice about attacking. This action may seem rash, but it only seems rash in human terms - the vraa'al are not human, and although they've been isolated for such a long time, they are inherently 'evil' and certainly know how to kill!


Tactical, External
ACTOR: Scouts.
SUMMARY: Send scouts further out...
WEIGHT: Single.
SECRECY: Results
TASK: Normal.
MODIFIERS: + The Vraa'al ships are sleek and fast.
+ They are highly intellegent and organised

Small groups of scouting ships are sent from the Island. Some are to simply to patrol and scout the waters nearby, wheras others are sent much further north. The aim is simply to gather information about the goings on both in the waters and on the nearby lands.

Result: Secret result requested.