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Actions in Game Year 1406

Society Name: Vraa'al

After the unexpected meeting of the Ka'Shari sea-peoples, Ahlgren the High Lord and the Council have a meeting to decide on how to proceed now that the Vraa'al are no longer completely isolated. (The High Lord mentions nothing of his meeting with the Eerith...) After a long meeting, the general conclusion is to break out of isolation and to encourage relations with other societies and civilisations. Very few are against this, but even these grudgingly agree.

It is decided to initiate relations with their closest neighbours - the Free Cities of the Isle of Orasaren. This much larger land mass is less than twenty miles away from the Isle of Arelcar, and although there have been brief encounters in the past, there are no established relations as such. The Council and the High Lord put this to the people and are met with praise and approval, and so plans are made and the preparations are put underway...


Tactical, Internal.
TYPE: Develop/Invest.
ACTOR: High Lord/Council.
SUMMARY: Prepare to set sail!
WEIGHT: Single.
TASK: Normal
MODIFIERS: + recent meeting with the Ka'Shari has got the people excited.
+ the High Lord Ahlgren and the Council are backing it all the way.
+ the Vraa'al are already 'sea worthy' they just need to plan this out.
- they have been isolated for a long time...
REACTION: Business as usual - this is just the preparation, they won't be doing anything too risky just yet.

The aim of this action is to spend time assessing, planning and preparing for the trip. They will make sure they have the provisions and equipment as well as the man-power etc. not only to make the journey across to the Isle of Orasaren without any problem, but also to make the initiation of relations as smooth as possible. (NB. The High Lord himself will not be making the trip. He will pick out those who are to go on the trip.)

Result: +1 +2 + (-1 0 –1 –1) = 0 Mixed results.

Suggestion: The practical side of things goes well, but the Vraa’al find to find out anything of significance wrt how to contact the Free Cities people, and are thus in a quandary as to how to go about initiating contact.

ACTION: 2,3,4.

Tactical, External (Free Cities)
TYPE: Diplomacy.
ACTOR: Ahlgren's Chosen Ones.
SUMMARY: Make the journey, and initiate relations.
WEIGHT: Triple!
TASK: Hard
MODIFIERS: + Time spend planning in previous action.
+ + Triple action!
+ There are obvious benefits for the Free Cities.
- The Vraa'al aren't human (may be viewed with suspicion).
REACTION: Risky - the Vraa'al could simply remain isolated, and although there is much to gain, it COULD blow up in their face...

Result: -1 –1 +3 + (-1 0 0 –1) = -1 Complete Failure.

Suggestion: The Vraa’al near the city of Damaris, to the southeast of Arelcar. Instead of a welcome, a flotilla of warships intercepts the visitors and attempts to blow them out of the water! The delegation retreats to the safety of Arelcar, disgruntled and bewildered.

With thousands of Vraa'al cheering them off, the small fleet of ships filled with the Vraa'al Diplomats as well as gifts and other needed provisions sets sail for the Isle of Orasaren. The Vraa'al will make towards the nearest coastal city and from there will establish relations... Depending on how things go, either the entire fleet will return to Arelcar, or only some will return and the rest will stay behind. Either way, the High Lord will be informed as to how it has gone before he sets sail for Mir to attend the meeting...


Ahlgren, the High Lord (along with his most trusted advisors) sets sail for the Isle of Celamyr to attend the meeting...

Result: Resources (+1) + Task (+1 Easy) + (1 0 1 –1) = +3 Superior success.

Suggestion: The Vraa’al travel to the meeting without any hitches. Full result coming soon…..