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Actions in Game Year 1405

Society Name: Vraa'al

Actions 1 and 2 (Internal): Find a way to contact the Eerith.

Actor: The High Lord.

Primary: Scholastics - Good (+1)

Task: Very Hard ("He doesn't really know what he's looking for")

Mods: + Lots of artefacts increases chances

+ Knowledge of the Eerith

+he's got a whole year to find the thing, if it exists

+ double action

  After his last meeting with the mysterious Mir Sorcerer, the High Lord is intreaged by the Eerith and the possibility that they are free.  Despite his seemingly neutral stance on the situation, he decides it would be 'interesting' to find a way to meet with them. He has in his possession many ancient artifacts from Mir, many of which have uses other than that of aesthetic value. He is sure that one of them could be used to somehow summon one of the Eerith... It is not uncommon for the High Lord to spend an evening simply contemplating his vast art collection, and he'll know what he's looking for when he finds it. He also has book refering to such an artifact, and will research into these.

Result: +1 -2 +1 +1 +1 +1 + (-1 +1 0 +1) = +4 Legendary Success!

The High Lord comes across a small medallion. Inscribed on the back are some words of power. Recognising the symbol for the Eerith, and another which could mean 'carry', he scrutinises the object carefully....


Action 3 (Internal): Investigate the artifact (if found!).

Actor: The High Lord.

Difficulty: Hard.

Primary: Scholastics - Good (+1)

Reaction: Business as usual.

Modifiers: + Vraa'al have a fine understanding of artifacts

+ The High Lord is good with magic.

The High Lord will spend some time looking into how the artifact  works, and reading his books. The hardest part is finding the artifact - it shouldn't prove too difficult figuring out how it works...

Result: +1 -1 +1 +1 + (0 +1 -1 0) = +2 Great Success!

Becoming more assured by the day, the time comes to summon one of the spirit beings...


Action 4 (External): Contact the Eerith.

Actor: The High Lord.

Primary: relations (none recently, therefore) Mediocre (-1).

Task: Normal

Reaction: Personal/Secret.

Modifiers: - The Vraa'al haven't had contact with the Eerith in a LONG time!

+ The High Lord knows some Eerith are free.

+ The Eerith know of the Vraa'al.

  The High Lord will use the artifact to summon one of the Eerith to his personal chambers. The Eerith and the Vraa'al both served the Sorcerers of Mir long ago, and this will be their first meeting since. The purpose of the meeting is, at it's most basic level, simply for the High Lord to study the Eerith and for an exchange of knowledge.   The Eerith can communicate in images and expression, something which the High Lord can understand very well.

Result: -1 +0 -1 +1 +1 + (0 +1 +1 +1) = +3 Huge success!

Called & Bound story.