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Philosophy & History

The ancestors of the Videssians were the Orasareni who fled to the south when the island of the divided kingdoms was conquered by the sorcerers of Mir. Newcomers have brought with them relatively high civilization & the hate of all magic arts. They also found a number of towns in the Arand valley. However the invaders faced an another power - the warlike aborigines whose primitive civilization rose on the ruins of the another mysterious ancient civilization. The Arand valley is still full of ruins of their strange cities.

After an ages of terrible wars & bloodshed The two nations suddenly found themselves to be the one race, but politically divided into the numbers of the small independent cities who fought each other seeking the dominance. This war known as "The war of the thousand cities" ended with the city of Videss uniting all other cities into one Videssian kingdom.

Under the central rule the Videssians have soon tried to retake back Orasaren, but they were defeated by the terrible magical power of Mir. Even despite the defeat the new kingdom slowly entered the age of prosperity. However the rule in the realm was usurped by the terrible beast with the crown on his head. This king even tried to search the ancient ruins for the treasures but the only thing he have found was the unknown evil of the past who spread through the kingdom. Soon the people dared to rebel against him led by the strange men known as Agatius Fossern. According to the legends he came from the south. The revolt succeeded & Agatius founded a new religion & a new realm - Videssian republic. He also was able to defeat the evil & to banish all magic users from the new republic. After that he gave the entire rule into the hands of the 4 suffets & disappeared. It is believed that one day Agatius will return to lead his people against the magic & tyranny.