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Videssian Humanities



Current religion of Videssian republic is whimsical branch of monotheism. The cult is based on worshiping the only God. This mighty greater being, which is believed to dwell everywhere, has two main manifestations: The good one in which he is called Foss & the bad one, which called Skotoss. His current manifestation is believed to depend on people's behavior. If people are righteous (live according to the code of laws which is believed to be given by Foss to the founder of the Videssian Republic, his son & the great hero - Agatius Fossern). However if they become sinners, Foss - the merciful good God, father of the living, turns into a Dark God of evil - Skotoss. All Videssians believe that the current order of the things is not forever. When all the world will be freed from the tyranny & magic arts the battle within the God will be over with the triumph of Foss.