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Society Determinants


Society name  Videssia
Location  In the fertile Arand river valley, southern Midsea shore, central Qaiyore.
Languages  Orasareni dialect, other?
Size  Small:  population 800,000; over 500 000 of them are citizens (the immigrants can only achieve citizenship by serving in the army for ten years; all the children born in the Videssian Republic automatically become citizens): landarea TBD
Philosophical orientation  Primary: conquest ; free the world from the tyranny of monarchy & magic
-aspect: Conviction that monarchy and magic are "the enemy"

Secondary: peace (to trade & succeed) - aspect: acquisition of wealth

Subsistence Wilderness%20 (Normal)
Wasteland%10 (Small)
Yield% 120 (Good)
Urban% 5 (Normal)


Ruling agency  The 4 suffets (a council of four people who are voted into power)
Key elements  The senate.

Free main parties:

  • The "ardents" - currently dominant: claiming that the only way to free the world from the tyranny is to unite all humans to the Great Videssian Republic.
  • Neutrals - the second group
  • The "moderates" - the smallest & the weakest. They insist that it isn't necessary to unite all humans in order to defeat the Tyranny.
Internal politics  Talarikius Gavr: Military suffet

Consent: moderate
Influence: good
Authority: great

Maurilius Mendil: Political suffet

Consent: good
Influence: medium
Authority: fair

Kamodius Taral: Economy suffet

Consent: medium
Influence: good
Authority: fair

Lauronius Karent - Religion suffet

Consent: very poor
Influence: great
Authority: great

The "ardents":

Consent: very poor
Influence: good
Authority: mediocre

The Neutrals:

Consent: good
Influence: good
Authority: good

The "moderates":

Consent: mediocre
Influence: very poor
Authority: very poor

External politics  Videssian relations

Capability and culture

Military organization  Professional Republican army:
Videssians are moderate archers & sailors, poor horsemen but excellent skirmishers. The army base is infantry - the deadly combination of phalanx (like Spartan) & mobile units (like Roman legions) makes them an almost unstoppable force on the battlefield.

cavalry, sailors, archers.

The Videssians are superb in creating Siege weapons.

Military values 
Professional army:
Size: mediocre
Force: good (on average - see above)
Size: small
Force: moderate
Economic system  Monetary units: silver and gold coinage

Technological base

Metallurgic. (Mostly agricultural society)
Economic values 
Craft (Good)            Good
Resources (Mediocre)    Mediocre
Exploitation (Fair)     Fair
Trade (Mediocre)        Mediocre
Wealth (Fair)           Fair
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion          Fair       Great      Fair       Fair 
Arts              Good       Good      Mediocre    Mediocre 
Scholastics       Good     Mediocre      Good      Mediocre
Magic         Miserable   Miserable  Miserable    Miserable
Magic is outlawed.