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Actions in the Game Year 1410

Society Name: Videssia

Action 1-4 The Revenge (half-secret action) means that unless the Parglug actions are send, it shouldn't be published on the list but send directly to me.

The treacherous & unprovoked raid of the contemptible Parglug has awaken a huge wave of a just wrath among the Videssian society. The voices which demanded war grew stronger every day.
In the beginning of summer 1410 the Senate has announced that Republic is in danger & declared a war on pagan & disgraceful Parglug vermin.
The traditional oath of Talarikius Gavr which means, that he wouldn't return without victory, caused a huge explode of enthusiasm within the masses. In addition to usual non-citizen volunteers, noble youths shown a great desire & wish to serve their country, enlisting to the special regiments, additional to the Republican army.
Talarikius Gavrs plan of the campaign is simple. Two massive swift strikes which would destroy an dreaming enemy. By the order of the military suffet of Videssia the following two armies were formed: The Southern & the Northern
The Southern army: Videssian Republican army over 35000 warriors including (phalanx, ranaloans, skirmishers, support regiments) with additional siege weapons; The of forces of city-states of Jundar. which will join the videssian contingent as it progresses to the west. The warlord of the southern army is Talarikius Gavr.
The Northern army: of the forces of all city-states of Orasaren (except Cormenaera which is busy with the operation of Kaeir, the contingent of Videssian specialists with the siege weapons was send to Cormenaera in order to take part in the operation)
The commander of this army was named a famous Roharen warlord general Loronial Toront, who gained his reputation in the constant wars with pirates as well as in the city-states conflicts.
Two leaders met in Videss in order to form a clear disposition for the campaign.
The following decisions were taken:
The Southern army will march to the east & join forces with the city-states of Jundar. By this time, the ODA fleet will disembarcate the Northern army in Jundar near the Parglug border. It will march to the south to join with the Southern army. From there the combined great army will go straight to Parmouth planing to lay a siege on it. If Parglug dare to face ODA might on the open field they should be crushed & the progress to the capital should not be slowed. The ODA fleet will close Parmouth from the sea. It is strongly forbidden to the army to cause any harm to the peaceful Parglug citizens, since the Orasaren nations came here to free the Parglug nation from the tyranny of the insane leaders.

Action (1-4) +3
Military force - Great (on the open field & during siege- Superb);
Task - normal
+ + The high moral of the army & population who lusts to protect Videssian honor
+ The support & help of the Jundar people & Fallanar on the march
+ ODA military size extremely big
+ Although excellent sailors, Parglug aren't good warriors on the ground in melee
+ They aren't expecting such a massive invasion
+ Some people unhappy with the current Parglug ruling agency will probably support the Orasareni.
+ ODA fleet support
+ Parglug military size small.
- Parglug on the home ground
- Everybody will be raised in arms
- The dissimilar content of the ODA army may cause difficulties in cooperation.


So. I'm assuming the Parglug are hardly going to stand around watching the Videssians reach Parmouth.
With regards to the Jundar area, although Orasareni settlers, the settlements are not part of the ODA thus would be unlikely to take part. The Fallanar are also not exactly on friendly terms with the Videssians so I can't see how they could be going along either.
Anyhoo, this is what we've got.

Videssia has Force=Good, Size=Mediocre
Free Cities have Force=Fair, Size=Fair.
Total ODA: Force(average)=Good, Size(total)=Fair
Based on the IH Rules military page,
Parglug have Force=Good, Size=Fair. Defending on home ground (+1)
ODA get +1 for Talarikius Gavr & +1 for specific military skills
[All other mods balance out pretty much]

ODA Roll: +1 +2 + (-1 0 +1 -1) = +2
Parglug Roll: +1 +1 + (-1 +1 -1 +1) = +2

Result: The devastated Videssian army are routed at the Battle of Karakadas. The remnants of the defeated force manage to escape into the Jundar forests, only to return to a Videssia ravaged by civil strife, raiding bandits and a full-scale invasion of the north.
With only the remains of a once powerful army and virtually no surviving fleet, the Videssians must consider the option to make peace rather than lose their hard-fought freedom forever.
The failure of the raid may have repurcussions for the ODA.....