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Actions in Game Year 1407

Society Name: Videssia

Action 1 : The sunset of Onagir.

After conquering the northeastern woodlands. The attention of Talarikius Gavr The Nikator is turned toward achieving the remnants of the Onagir lands which lays to the north & to the southeast. Gavr has the information (from ex-Onagir non-citizens) that the eastern Onagir have fled to the north understanding that they are unable to resist Videssians & probably planing to organize a new resistance on the new place. The disappointed army lusts for blood & booty. Talarikius Gavr with a disposition accepted by the Senate takes 2/3 of the Republican army, crosses the Imbros River & strikes to the north leaving the natives no choice but to flee or to be slaughtered. He sends young & swift Onarius Gavr, the phalanx commander with a remaining 1/3 southeast ordering him to catch the foresters not prepared. Both armies are ordered by the special resolution of Senate not to take captives, since all the good Onagir have already joined Videssian Republic during 1406 campaign.

Primary: Military force good (+)
Task : Hard (-)
-1 Videssian army split
+1 Onagir in flight and not prepared
+1 Onagir poor military force

Result: +1 -1 -1 +2 (+1 -1 0 -1) = 0 Mixed results.

Suggestion: Talarikius Gavr's forces strike the clans hiding out to the north of the Imbros. Those near the river are slaughtered, thousands of lives wiped out by the swords of the bloodthirsty Videssians. The clans further north manage to escape into the mountains south of the Tana realm. To the south, Onarius Gavr's troops sweep into the forests, but fail to find any signs of habitation, though signs of the Fossern compel them to withdraw without further investigation.

Action 2: Fortifications (strategic: year 3 of 3 )

The constructions of the future mighty walls & bastions of Videss were going pretty successful last year as well as creating the unique videssian siege weapons. This year, the aim is to finish all works, turning Videss into the strongest fortress of the southern Midsea. This will probably help to improve the external status of Videssia… 

Result: 0 -1 +1 +1 + (0 0 -1 0) + (+1 +1 0 +1) + (+1 -1 +1 0 ) = +4 Superior


Suggestion: the defences prove formidable, gaining the city a +2 in defensive capability with regards to the wall and the siege weaponry (which is built-into the structure). Videssian engineering gains the republic some admiration from some of the Free Cities, increasing relations in general to Good (+1) for the next five years or so...

Action 3 : Building a navy (strategic : year 2 of 5)

Having a miserable success in pre-work preparations Kamodius Taral has tried to analyze the reasons which lead to such consequences. After Videssia have conquered the eastern woodlands much wood have been cleared by videssians in order to cultivate the area, there is no problem with wood anymore. This year Taral plans to recruit more specialists & consulting with Ka'Shari, to building first ships.

Result so far = 1 -0 -1 + ( -1 0 -1 +1) ( -1 0 0 +1) ( ) ( ) ( )

Not going too well - Taral seems to be having difficulties in recruitment...

Action 4 : The Western Embassy.

Videssian Senate has became very concerned with a geopolitical situation in Midsea. Taltheran probably tries to extend its expanse & Cedonia sends a clear message to everyone that it is planning for a revenge & dreams about reuniting its former provinces. Under this circumstances Senate has decided to send an Embassy of Senate which will embodiment of the Orasareni Defense Alliance, to the western Midsea states namely: Parglug, East Torphan, Tanimbar & Zelkor. The main goal is to establish an embassies in these countries as well as the relations between the nations. The embassy also will propose to each one of these States to think of something like " Anti-Cedonian coalition " which will protect the interests of the ex-cedonian provinces from it's aggression. Since the nations may share a common interests this can make a sense.

Primary: Relations (none therefore Mediocre)
Task: Easy (everyone distrusts Cedonia)
Mods: -1 not targeted at one particular nation
-1 Parplug raids on Videssia

Result: -1 +1 -1 + (+1 +1 -1 +1) = +0 Mixed Success

Suggestion: Dialogue with these nations is opened. Tanimbar and Zelkor are openly receptive and relations with these now at Fair (0), for the time being They are genuinely interested in an anti-Cedonian alliance, but as they border Cedonia, do not want to make it public. East Torphan is wary of upsetting its' Parplug neighbour, and is more concerned about the Torphani threat, so nothing much happens there. The Parplug refuse to acknowledge the envoy sent to them, who is then promptly ordered to return to Videssia as word spreads of the Parplug raids on Videssian coastal settlements.