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Actions in Game Year 1406

Society Name: Videssia


The previous 1405 year has left trace in the Videssian chronicles as the blessed year prosperity & success. The unnatural cult of Agatius Fossern was perfectly neutralized by Talarikius Gavr (Military suffet) without even a small drop of blood (except the leader's of course). As a result of it, his authority within the nation has greatly increased (Note: propose to give him bonus to authority for this year). All people applauded him then he appeared on the streets of Videss surrounded by mighty Labrigands wearing their huge Labru with unbelievable ease & skill. Videssians began to enjoy their power & to think about increasing videssian expanse in the east.

Action 1 - Ultimatum to the native tribes.

On this background Gavr decided to bring his concealed plan to life. Almost 5 years he was dreaming about bringing Glory to Videssia by conquering all the eastern part of the country - home of the forest natives. Although, all three parties, especially the moderates were impressed with the way Talarikius Gavr has crushed the cult, the debates in Senate proved to be very hard. Even though, he gained a total support from the ardents, others - part of neutrals in a passive & moderates in an active way opposed to it. However military suffet was gifted with a great skill of conviction & the people were ready to follow him. The plan is to conquer all land between the two great rivers Arand & Imbros ,(see the Qaiyore map, Imbros is the first great river to the east) The proposal was accepted since Videssian republic was in a dire need of the free land. The persistent raids of the natives on the border settlements also influenced the Senate to take the Gavr's side. Therefore, the moderates insisted that videssians should send an embassy to the natives informing that their lands from now belongs to the Republic, offering a status of non-citizen to everybody who will help videssians to clear the forest & build new settlements, otherwise they all will be destroyed by the power of the Videssian republican army & the survivors will be brought to Videss as slaves & sold on the "Arena of the thousand steps".

Determinant: Authority (+2 ) +1 extra this year
Task: Normal

Result = +2 +1 –0 + (+1 0 –1 –1) = +2 Complete Success.

Gavr gets his way, but strangely hardly any natives arrive and become non-citizens. (At most 3,000).

Action 2 - The eastern crusade (depends on the results of the Action 1).

More than 4/5 of the Videssian Republican army was ordered to take part in the campaign, except the border troops in the south. The military suffet, Talarikius Gavr (who else!) was named the Warlord of this army which consists of more than 30000 soldiers:5000 phalanx members (all citizens), 20000 (mostly non-citizens), 3000 skirmishers (non-citizens), 2000 archers (mercenaries). A greatest army, since Larkon's attempt to retake Orasaren from Mir, has left Videss & headed toward the eastern forests. In the evening, after the long march, the commanders & the units leaders have gathered in the Warlord's tent in order to think about the tactics & to make up a deposition for the future campaign. A large part of high officers & leaders insisted that all the work should be done by Ranalonians & phalanx has nothing to do in the forest. However the phalanx's commander - Onarius Gavr (suffets son) proposed a brilliant idea. According to his plan: Ranalonians should surround the area, burn the forest, narrow the circle, to drive the panicking natives straight into the phalanx wall which will be placed outside the forest on the clear ground. The unbreakable phalanx should easily finish the primitive natives with their long sarisses. This plan was greatly accepted by both the high officers & Talarikius Gavr.

Primary: Military force good (+)
Task : Hard (-)
Mods: Native military size big (all natives will be up in arms) (-)
Natives will fight to the death! (-)
Natives military force poor (+)
Natives on the home ground (-)
Videssian army size big (+)
Incentive of citizenship (+)
Native tribes are distrustful to each other, so it will be difficult to organize a united resistance in a short time (+)
Natives will panic due to the burning (+)
Some natives may take on a Videssian side (+) (depends on the results of the action 1)
Phalanx will fight on the open field (+)
Special mod: Philosophical orientation - conquest (+) (Note: not sure about this, taken from a FIH rules created by Juuso).

Result: +1 –1 +3 + (+1 +1 0 –1) = +4 Superior Success.

The Videssian forces enter the eastern forests, well prepared to intercept and vanquish any native resistance. But the forests are strangely quiet. The Videssian armies journey east then north, up the coast separating Orasaren from the mainland, to reach the River Imbros unimpeded. Empty burnt-out villages and scorched crops greet the invaders. Gavr is pleased at the easiness of the task, but also wary. Who burnt the villages and destroyed their food? Where could all of the forest peoples have gone…..?

Action 3 - Fortifications (strategic: year 2 of 3 )

Having a partial success in recruiting the labor, gathering the needed resources & preparing the old port fortification for rebuilding. Kamodius Taral plans to begin the real work this year. Also he has send order to the finest videssian masters of the siege weapons to create something really unique, in order to turn Videss into a mighty bastion of freedom. Since last year there was noticed no special enthusiasm of the people to volunteer for this very hard & not highly paid work, the Senate has passed a resolution that all citizens & non-citizens who were discovered to be members of the destroyed cult of false Agatius Fossern could redeem themselves by building fortifications & navy for 5 years.

Result so far: 0 -1 +1 +1 + (0 0 -1 0) + (+1 +1 0 +1) + ( )

The fortification of the capital is well underway. 

Action 4 - Building a navy (1 of 5 years)

Kamodius Taral has also begun a preparation for the great work - building a grand navy. Under the guide of the sea nomads engineers, Taral hopes to accomplish all the necessary pre-work, such as gathering resources, recruiting labor (mainly ex-cultists) & so on.

Determinant: Craft Good (+1)
Task: Normal
Mods: +1 Ka’Shari help
-1 Lack of shipwrighting expertise
-1 ex-cultists low on morale

Result so far = 1 –0 –1 + ( -1 0 –1 +1) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )