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Actions in Game Year 1405

Society Name: Videssia

The Videssian republic has entered the year 1405 with a feeling of  anxiety. Externally everything was going quite well last year. The  forest natives were crushed & driven far to the east. The alliance with  Damaris proved to bring great profit, especially after it gave a  possibility to unite the free cities into the defending alliance. The  demand of a unique Videssian pottery is incredible which gives hopes to  the traders to increase their business. However the strange unrest has  begun within the masses with the rumors telling of reborn of Agatius   Fossern. The government neither supported these talks nor denied.  On these background the secret Senate meeting took place in order to  decide how to deal with the cult.

Action 1: Examination.( try to solve the problem of the cult)

Everybody expected the debates to be extremely difficult, but they  were even more difficult. After the official report of Lauronius Karent  about his mission, the Grand house was nearly destroyed with a huge  emotional explosion. The ardents were considering it as a revolt (since  the real Agatius Fossern couldn't become a king, he was the founder of  the republic & a personification of democracy & freedom, the educated  videssian citizens would never believe in such Agatius Fossern. However  the danger was that a non-citizens in common don't have a clear   understanding of a videssian religion & mythology, so the seeds were   thrown on a perfect soil).  According to the Karent's report the cult is based on the small  town of Celoa (something like 1500 inhabitants) on the southern border   of the republic. It was founded 3 years ago on the assignated land & the   inhabitants of this town are mostly the ex-natives. The self-proclaimed   Agatius Fossern, according to the report was the native himself. Based  on these facts the ardents demanded to send an army to Celoa to crush  the rebels while they are a little & they are unable to resist the  attack. Then military suffet - Talarikius Gavr rises to hold a speech:

" Noble senators - the fathers of the Videssian nation, I'm aware  of the difficult situation in the republic - the internal enemy which  claims to be our sacred father Agatius Fossern is in fact, a pagan  native, whose aim is to overthrow our republic - the only island of  freedom within the ocean of tyranny & cursed magic. You know the law of  Agatius Fossern - the foe of Videssia must be destroyed & I'm, as  military suffet will be the last person who will oppose it. However, I'm  glad that I have an opportunity to prevent you from this action - from   sending troops to crush the cult worshipers . Since it'll only cause the   revolt among the non-citizens, & it will be fight to the death  completely destroying all our achievements, I mean that even if we'll  succeed to kill their leader he will be turned into the hero. The ideas  can't be destroyed "

" So, what do you propose, our wise suffet? " the voice of one of  the ardents leader was full of irony.

" Don't laugh, Prokon. I do have a solution. I propose to make  all the citizens aware of the cults existence, & also to make them know  that we agree to recognize their leader as Agatius Fossern & to return  him his title - " Grand suffet" abandoned by him long years ago.  However he'll have to pass the test, in order to make us believe  that he is real. We'll post the message to the nation that the leader of  that cult must enter the ancient ruins & to defeat the evil. ( task:  huge). Therefore I admit that he can pass it, for such a case I'll set   an ambush of my Labrigands ordered to slay him if he could survive. What  do you say, fathers? "

" Will you take the responsibility of this on you, Gavr? "

" I'm used to it, Prokon"

" Very well he will enter the ruins next month ".

Primary: Influence of Gavr, the Military Suffet, Good (+1) to persuade the cult leader to enter the ruins

Task: Mega Hard (-4) the cult leader wants to be believed, but he's no fool either. He isn't just going to walk into the ruins. He may want to be king, but he doesn't want to die trying. Everyone knows people don't walk out alive.

Mods: +1 Pressure of believers

Result: +1 -4 +1 + (+1 -1 0 +1) = -1 Failure.

The cult leader panics. He knows his refusal to enter the ruins means he will no longer be thought of as Agatius Fossern reborn. Even his former believers will turn against him. With no alternatives, the cultist attempts to flee Videssia……

The Military suffet sends his men, who had been ready to ambush and kill the cultist, after him…

Primary: Craft = Good (+1) (Skill at following the cultist's trail)

Task: Hard

Mods: +1 They were expecting something like this…

Result = +1 -1 +1 + (+1 +1 +1 0) = +4 Legendary Success!

The false Agatius Fossern is caught attempting to hide in a Cormenench trade ship in the port of Videss. Arrested, he's marched to the city's main square. With the crowd cheering, baying for his blood, the cultist leader is hung, drawn and quartered.


Action 2: Meeting.

As the new year approach, the emissary who was sent with the  mission to the free cities has returned bringing the results. After the  debates in Senate it was decided to send another emissary lead by the  political suffet to propose to the free cities to gather on the  conference this year in Videss to decide if they want to join "  Orasareni defending alliance" which was formed by Videssian republic &  Damaris. The charter of the alliance consists of following things:

1) All members of the alliance must pursue common external politics  (defense against piracy & other states, declare war & so on).

2) All members must have common trade policy (declaring embargo, trade  alliance & so on).

3) All members must contribute a certain sum of money, which will be  stored at Videss & will be used for the alliance's needs.

4) Once in a 3 years the delegates of the members must meet in Videss to  decide the policy of the alliance for the next period.

Determinant: Economy suffet's influence. Good (+1)

Task: Hard - the cities could use this union, but are distrustful of each other

Mods: +1 External defensive policies against pirates are a good idea

+1 A trade alliance would defuse the hurt caused by the trading powers of Celpalar and Taltheran.

-1 Storing money in Videss is dubious. Why not in Cormenaera? Or Anaduan? Or…..

+1 Videssian pottery demand makes Videssia look successful to the Orasareni delegates.

Result: +1 -1 +1 +1 -1 +1 + (0 -1 -1 +1) = +2 Great Success!

The Videssians get virtually all they wanted. The "Orasareni Defence Alliance" becomes a reality. Prime missions: the protection against pirates and a common foreign policy with regards to states not of the Alliance. The strongest part of the proposals, this is seen as a major success in Videssia. As more cities joined, others were forced to also sign up or be left in the cold.

Other proposals also bear fruition, though perhaps with not quite as much agreement. The "Trade Agreement" also becomes fact, though that is signed with rather less enthusiasm. The division between Defense and Trade as separate agreements was seen as a necessity by the majority of the cities. Many of the delegates privately hint that this may be broken by many.

It is agreed that the monetary contributions will, at least in the short term, be stored in Videss. However, the details of quantity, and whether larger cities should contribute more, as should more vulnerable cities requiring greater protection, remain to be ironed out in three years time.

It is agreed that the conferences should take place in Videss for the foreseeable future.


Action 3: Trade promotion.

The incredible demand of the unique videssian pottery has made an  excellent soil for the videssians to expand their trade. An alliance  with Damaris & the possibility of joining of other cities have also  given serious hopes to greatly increase the trade (the result of this  action will depends on the result, the more cities will join the  alliance the more bonuses the promotion will have). Under these   circumstances, Kamodius Taral - the military suffet decided organize the   great market (fair) which will take place every year in Videss. For the  month it will bring to Videss many foreign traders, setting the  commercial ties between Videssian republic & the other States.

 Primary: Wealth (to put on a great fair and "show the world") Fair (0)

Task: Very Hard. Increasing trade permanently is not commonly easy.

Mods: +1 Demand for special pottery this year

+1 Success of trade agreement

-1 Videssia is not on a major trade route, but quite out of the way

Result: 0 -2 +1 +1 -1 + (0 -1 +1 0) = -1 Failure.

The enthusiasm for Videssian goods is shortlived.


Action 4: Fortifications.

  With the new year the harm from the pirates has become heavier. As a   result of it on the Senate meeting it was decided to start to build a   fortifications, surrounding the port of Videss. The special commission  was formed in order to control the process (recruit people, gather  resources & so on. The plan is to finish it within 3 years. 

Action: Year 1 of 3 year strategic

Primary: Economy suffet authority /Wealth. Fair (0)

Task: Hard (-1) to do in 3 years

Mods: +1 Jobs mean money.

+1 Craft is Good in Videssia.

Result: 0 -1 +1 +1 + (0 0 -1 0) + …..

The first year sees some success in recruiting labour, and the construction begins, though perhaps with not quite as much alacrity as required….