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Actions in Game Year 1404

Society Name: Videssia


Action 1: Investigation.

All Videssian society is very concerned with the rumors about the new cult in the south telling about the reborn of Agatius Fossern. The avatars of this cult have made prophecy that when the ancient evil from the ruins of the non-human civilization in the Arand valley (which was once defeated & driven by Agatius) will rise it's head again, Fossern will encounter himself to save his people again. The special Senate conference was hold by the initiative of moderates under the chairmen of Laurentius Karent - Religion suffet. They proposed to send an investigation party to the south lead by Religion suffet. The proposal was accepted by the complete majority. However, ardents insisted to send a regiment of regular soldiers with the party.

Primary: Influence - great (+2)

Task: Normal (0) - gossip isn't hard to find

Mods: -1 Karent is pretty unpopular

+1 the cult would want to "spread the word" and not hide itself

-1 presence of soldiers might put people off talking openly

Result: +2 -0 -1 +1 -1 + (+1 +1 +1 +1) = +5 Mythic Success!

Karent has excelled himself. Not only does he discover that the cult does indeed exist, but also that its' ringleader called himself Agatius Fossern and is based in the southern town of Celoa. More intriguing, however, is the evidence found that suggests the cult is a front for an attempt to overturn the republic's ruling body and make this man calling himself Agatius Fossern the king. Evidence also suggests the cult has foreign backing.


Action 2: Negotiation.

As the emissary from Damaris arrived & with a proposal of the trade alliance been gladly accepted, Maurilius Mendil - the political suffet tried to convince the Senate to send emissary to Damaris as well as to other Orasareni cities with the proposal to form a "Orasareni defending alliance " - the organization (under the hegemony of Videss, of course) which will protect the interests of Orasareni nation from the power of Taltheran as well as from other kingdoms & from piracy. This was accepted by the Senate after an hours of debates (the moderates & part of neutrals were against it, since they though that it may lead to a war with Taltheran ) this was also been accepted. The emissary will be lead by the Political suffet himself (because the importance of the task).

Primary: Relations (none - therfore Mediocre -1 )

Task: Normal (0)

Mods: -1 it'll cost others money to support the intiative

+1 accepting trade agreement with Damaris looks good

+1/-1 not all cities have piracy problems

Result: -1 -0 -1 +1 +0 + (+1 0 -1 +1) = 0 Partial success.

The Orasareni cities show some enthusiasm for this alliance idea, but Mendil is made aware of the disparate number of states on the island. Each city seems to have its' own government. Some, like Damaris, are large and influence their neighbours. Some, like Cormenaera, stand alone. Others, like Anaduan, are vast trade centres. Others, like Crisaeda, are not much more than fishing villages. Some, like Anecir, have serious problems with piracy and are eager for the alliance to take place. Others, like Belniar, are inland and have no such difficulties. The alliance with Damaris has made a few suspicious, as Damaris is seen as a predatory city. The Damaris ambassador suggests a meeting of the Free Cities should take place to discuss the alliance, perhaps hosted by Videssian? None of the cities have turned down the proposal, but need more information before agreeing.


Action 3: Raid.

As the new year begins the Videssian army is set to make a traditional raid to the east in order to crush the native tribes, to capture slaves & to add some territory to the republic & found the settlements from the defeated natives (the tradition set by Agatius Fossern in order to make sure that grows stronger every year). Traditionally, in the peaceful times in the raid takes part something like a quarter of the Professional army, the majority of these troops are regiments consisting from non-citizens who aims to achieve citizenship by serving in the army.

Primary: Military force Good (+1)

Task: Hard (-1)

Mods: -1 Native military size Big - all natives will be up in arms

+1 Native military force Poor

+1 Incentive of citizenship

-1 natives on home ground

Result= +1 -1 -1 +1 +1 -1 + (+1 0 +1 -1) = +1 Success!

Hundreds of native forest peoples are massacred. Their bodies sully the landscape with a bitter stench. The Videssian army cleans up after the bloodshed. Perhaps 100 sq. miles has been added to Videssian territory in the east of the country.

Relations with neighbouring forest peoples sinks to Miserable (-4).


Action 4: Delegation.

The northern coast of Videss is terrorized by pirates. Though Videssians hope to decrease the power of piracy by forming an alliance of Orasareni cities, however everybody understands that without a strong fleet the republic won't be able to compete with other States. Therefore Videssians are poor sailors & they have a miserable knowledge about constructing ships, but they have the desire & the money for the task. Talarikius Gavr - have the proposal accepted by the Senate to send over 5000 noble young people who will serve the base for the navy to learn from the beast sailors in the world, sea nomads - Ka'Shari. The emissary was sent to the sea nomads with the offering of solid sum of money for training them

Primary: Relations (none, therefore Mediocre -1)

Task: Very hard (-2) The Ka'Shari are always on the move and do not generally mix with outsiders.

Mods: +1 The Ka'Shari could probably do with the money at the moment

Result = -1 -2 +1 + (+1 +1 -1 +1) = 0. Partial success.

The emissary finds the Ka'Shari but no agreement has been reached as yet.

(Perhaps you should negotiate with Stephane to decide how this goes……?)