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Society Determinants


Society name Torphan Empire
Location Western Qaiyore
Languages The lingua franca is Torphani. Within the empires borders, both indisputable and claimed, exist a number of subject peoples.
Size Scope: Unknown, but assumed to be Big.
Philosophical Orientation Primary:   Equilibrium (of it's borders)
Secondary: Conquest (of new subjects, especially East Torphan).
Subsistence Mostly fertil land with a lot of forests.
Wilderness% 40 (Normal) - big Forest
Wasteland% 10 (Small) - some mountains
Yield% 100 (Normal) - very fertile land
Urban% 10 (Big) - a few large cities


Ruling Agency
The Emperor (who is hailed as the living god of Torphan)
Key elements The Headerer,The Imperial Sorcerers,General Malake
Internal politics
The Emperor  Edaeth
        Power: Superb
        Authority: Superb
        Consent: Great
    The Headerer
        Power: Good
        Authority: Great
        Consent: Good
    General Malake
        Power: Great
        Authority: Superb
        Consent: Fair
External politics East Torphan: Terrible
Mir: Good
Others Mediocre. The Empire does not have any diplomatic relations with any other society.


Military organization Professional Army
Military values Force - Great
Size - Good
Economic system
Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values
 Trade:(Miserable)      Miserable
 Craft:(Fair)           Good
 Resources:(Great)      Great
 Exploitation:(Good)    Good
 Wealth:(Good)          Good
            Tolerance    Prevalence    Diversity    Sophistication
            -----------   ------------  ----------   ---------------
Religion    Superb          Superb      Miserable       Good
Arts        Good            Fair        Good            Mediocre
Scholastics Good            Great       Fair            Mediocre
  Essence   Fair            Mediocre    Good            Good
  Authority Fair            Mediocre    Good            Good