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Actions in the Game Year 1417

Society Name: Torphan

Action 1, 2, 3: Continue to Drive out the Ice Deamons. (5 of 5 years)

The Emperor orders his troops to continue to attack the Ice Deamons. With them driven beyond the pass the Emperor decides to continue the advance for one more year, just to weaken their numbers and give us more time to build up. The Sorcerers are contiuneing to help, but it really is only protecting us now. The ice deamons are in a very weakened state.
Primary Determinet: Military
Actor: The Army
Weight: Tripple (+2)
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: + Magic
+ the new weaponry
+ goblins driven back to their homeland

Results:-1 +1 + (0 +1 +1 +1) + (+1 0 -1 0) + 2 +(0 -1 -1 0) +3 + (-1 +1 -1 -1) + (-1 +1 0 0) +2 = +6 Complete Sucess

Suggestion: Almost all of the Ice Deamons have been pushed back south beyond the pass back to their homeland.

Action 4: Fotify the pass (1 of 3 years)

With the pass secure and the deamons being driven futher away the Emperor decides to make sur that any attempts by the deamons to retake area beyond the pass is more difficult than it had been the first time. So he has ordered the construction and fortification of a new bas at the mouth of the pass. It will only take a few years to complete the project, but he hopes that it will keep the deamons away from the rest of Torphan.
Primary Determinet: Construction
Actor: The engineers and architects
Weight: Single
(Difficutly: Hard -1)
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: + Skilled workmen
+ no interference from the deamons
(This is untrue.)
(-) possible interferience by deamons
+ large supply of needed resources closes by (i.e. lumber, rock, metel, etc.)

Resutls so far: -1 +2 -1 (0 0 0 0 ) + ( ) + ( ) =

Suggestion: It is started.