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Actions in the Game Year 1416

Society Name: Torphan

Action 1 & 2: Continue to Drive out the Ice Dreamons. (2 of 5 years)

The Emperor orders his troops to continue to drive back the Ice Deamons. The Sorcerers are contiuneing to help. The Emperor has returned from Mir and has joined the army and is now leading it.
Primary Determinet: Military
Actor: The Army
Weight: Double
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: + Magic
+ Emperors Presents at the Head of the Army.

Results so far: -1 +1 + (0 +1 +1 +1) + (+1 0 -1 0) + () + () + ()

Suggestion: Little progress is made this year, as goblin resistance stiffens.

Action 3: Improve relations with Mir and the Eerith.

The Emperor orders the Headerer to go to Mirabalpur. The Headerer is to improve relation with the Eerith who are in Mir and with the Mirish. The Emperor promises any help it can offer in fighting Alatta.
Primary Determinet: Relations (Fair for both +0)
Actor: Headerer
Weight: Singal
Secrecy: None
Modifiers: + promiseing to help Mir fight Alatta.

Result: +0 + 1 + (0 +1 0 +1)= +3 Superior Success

Suggestion: [Work out between players.]
Torphan and Mirish realtions improve to good. The Sorcerers learn everything about the Enemy that the Mirish Sorcerer know. Torphan is excepted as an ally against the Enemy, and because of the fact that East Torphan is part of the Alliance against the Enemy, Torphan agrees to leave East Torphan alone for now.

Action 4: Assasination of the Sinari Leader and the Seeresses.

While in Mir the Emperor heard about the Sinari and what they were doing. Then when the Headerer report the Sinari Seeresses coming to Mir and the demands they made the Emperor had the Headerer gather as much info that Mir had on the Sinari. The past Emperors of Torphan had ways of getting ride of Problem People. The Sorcerers of Torphan have a group of assaistinators trained to do the biding of the Emperor. So with Mirsih support the Emperor send his Assasins to kill the Leader of the Sinari and the Seeresses.
Primary Determinent: Assasination
Difficulty: Very Hard (-2)
Secrecy: Complete
Actors: Sorcerer/Assasins (about 150)
Modifiers: + A lot of Assasins
+ Mirish Support
+ Magic
+ Not expecting it
+ Traitor does not have any spies in Torphan
++ Experiances in assasinations (They have been doing it for generations)
+ Agrement to help Mir fight against the Enemy
- Unfamilar teritory.
(-- The Enemy)

Results: -2 +8 -3 ( -1, -1, +1, +1) = +3 Complete Success

Suggestion: The Torphian Assacians sneak throught the night and find their targets in the Sinari camp and else ware. The next day the Sinari find Hisinvol dead in his bed. They also found all of the Seeresses in the camp dead. In other places only a few Seeressses surviving. One is Kala traveling across the desert and the other is Islanda returning from Mir guarded by six body guards, and their are two more that were among the Morvali the rest are thoughs that joined with the Eerith. The Sinari soilders are confussed and in an up roar as chaos spreads throught out the camp. If the Seeresses do not return soon they may loose their army.