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Actions in the Game Year 1416

Society Name: Torphan

Action 1: Establish relations with Mir and Eerith.

The Emporer Edaeth has been informed of the threat of Alatta and desires to help Mir fight Alatta. So the Emporer him self will travel with a full escort of his eliet guards (which consits of one hundred men.) He will also bring fifty mages to help protect him. He will travel to Mir to establish relations and discuss Alatta. The Emporer wished to visit the Eerith but the Imperial Sorcerers told him it would be to dangerous. So he will instead send the Hederer (Head Imperial Sorcerer). To go and establish relations with the Eerith.
Primary Determinent: External polatics
Difficulty: Normal
Weight: Singal
Secrecy: Yes (If people discovered that the Emporer had left the Empire he could have trouble)
Actor: Emperor Edaeth, and the Hederer.
Modifiers: + Emporer intrested in the outsideworld.
+ Alatta threat
- Long way

Result: 0 -1 + 1 + (-1 0 0 +1)= 0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: Work out between players, perhaps Mir/East Torphan treaty causes difficulties.

Action 2 & 3: Establish Limited trade.

As the Emporer travels through Parglug he will stop at the capital and try to open a limited trade route with Parglug and then he when speaks with the Archmage and try open trade routes withthem.
Primary Determinent: Trade
Difficulty: Hard
Weight: Double
Secrecy: No
Modifiers: + Parglug might be intrested.
+ Mir seems to opening her ports for trade.

Result: -1 +2 + (0 -1 +1 0)= +1 Success

Suggestion: Limited trade is established.

Action 4: Deal with the Ice Deamons. (1 of 5years)

The Ice Deamons have been troubling Torphan for too long and the Emporer has the military begin to drive them back south. The Emperor orders the Imperial Sorcerers to help the Army fight the Ice Deamons.
Primary Determinent: Military
Difficulty: Hard
Weight: Singal
Secrecy: no
Modifiers: + Magic
- Emporer's out of the country

Results so far: -1 +1 + (0 +1 +1 +1) + () + () + () + ()

Suggestion: The Torphani forces slaughter thousands of goblins in the southern forests as their forces continue to march south, toward the Telar Pass and the goblin homelands.

Word of the crusade spreads throughout Qaiyore, even reaching the war-torn Razanian Coast...