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Actions in Game

Society Name: Torphan


Year Important events
1428 Forts are increased to pervent the Chaos of the East from entering the Empire.
1426 Civil unjest setles down.
1425 Finish fortifing northern border.
1424 Cival unrest countiunes.
1423 Cival unrest rears it head.
1422 The Emperor begins to build a Torphanis navy
1421 The Pass is finished, the new city  is called Rekarnoom
1420 Continue to Fortify the pass
1418 The Golbins have been driven back to there homeland.
1417 Another year driving out the Goblins, and Sorcerers are sent to join Mir against the Sinari.
1416 Another year driving out the Goblins.
1415 They contiune to drive out the Goblins, and they assasinat the Sinari leader.
1414 The first ever relations are created. he Armies begin to drive out the goblins.