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Philosophy & History

The Therani have long been bound together by ethnicity. While for the past few centuries, that bond has been largely nominal, the Dun Ri sees the current war as a chance to awaken the ancient pride of his people. Turning the scattered city-states and locales into a functioning nation along the lines of Taltherani is his dream, and he means to see it through.


Year Important events
1419 The City of Hadrair falls to the Sherani Invasion. The Therani Confederacy becomes a final reality, as the entire nation gathers within the lands of Unnirand to make a desperate strike at regaining their upper valley homeland…
1418 The City of Wyr falls to the Shanari Invasion. Thar Ri Fethoran becomes the first Dun Ri of the Therani Confederacy.
1417 Word of a Mir-Cedonian alliance causes street riots in Wyr. The Confederacy begins to become a reality as Shanari tribesmen increase raiding along the northwestern frontier.
1416 Gift of food sent to the headsman of Morvali tribes in time of drought by Thar Ri Fethoran’s alliance results in pledges of friendship between the two men.
1415 With Cedonia’s attention turned south to Tanimbar, Thar Ri Teloras Fethoran of Hadrair begins making overtures to other Thar Ri to discuss a full Therani alliance. The Alliance is rejected by Wyr and Unnirand, but the charismatic Fethorn sways many smaller, rural Thar Ri to his side.
1414 The church of Therani Oryban expands into the rural areas of eastern Therani.
1413 The Wyrthani Arrach undergo a minor sachism when a priest claims that the Angels have warned him of impending doom. The doomsayers are eventually driven from the main church, wandering north into the deserts where they are presumably killed by the Shanari.
1412 Peat-fires and river-rice introduced to the northern Hansari tribesmen. The trade of peat and rice for precious metals (often stolen in raids along the Cedonian border) becomes commonplace along the River Tal, as the river-forts built in 1406 have proven effective against Hansari raids.
1411 Wyr and Unnirand adopt use of the Therani Longbow for elite troops of archers.
1410 The Therani Longbow is developed. Using the flexible wood of the Alorean Tree, which grows along the borders between swampland and woodlands, this bow allows a much greater range and force than the traditional shortbow used by hunters. Thar Ri Fethoran annexes the nearby community of Risath in return for a ten-year tax break to the people of the town. With the wood of Risath, the Hadrair begin arming their forces with the new longbow immediately.
1409 Diplomatic and trade relations are continued by Thar Ri Telora Fethoran with the Taltherani.
1408 Thar Ri Nadylas Fethoran of Hadrair dies of old age. His son, Teloras Fethoran, becomes Thar Ri.
1406 Cedonian reconquest of countries to the south increases military buildup along the southern borders. Many river-forts are erected by local Thar Ri.
1405 Mysterious wizards skulk into the Tower of Wyr. The Wyrthani Arrach guardsmen are punished, and new wards introduced by the Angels. Dire songs begin to be heard from the Tower at night, as if the Angels were in conference. Taltherani enter Hadrair to discuss trading ventures, and are welcomed by the court of Thar Ri Nadylas Fethoran. The new trade center is a great success. The Hadrairtherani have been improving their agricultural production, and are excited to have a market for the excess produce arrive ready-made on their doorstep. They also welcome the influx of varied goods which the Taltherani provide. On inquiry from the Taltherani, the city elders readily agree to convert a rundown and mostly uninhabited outskirt into a marketplace and staging point for caravans and trade expeditions. Arrangements are made with various provisioners in and out of town to provide the necessary supplies and repairs for trade expeditions.
1403 Hadrair river-rice exports have become a staple food throughout Therani. While Wyr and Unnirand match the terraces technologically, the Hadrair have become preeminent in the Therani region.
1399 Hadrair begins full-scale production of river-rice terraces. The agricultural bounty yielded allows Hadrair to begin exporting said rice to other Therani locales.
1323 Wyr sends diplomats to Hadrair and Unnirand. The three cities have become preeminent within the upper valley.
1306 Goblin raiders are pushed out of Therani westward to the Hansari and Ozlog territories. While they remain a minor nuisance to the western towns and villages, they never regain the power they once held.
1298 Major Therani victory over the goblins at Hadrair. Goblin presence pushed to fringes of swampland.
1293 The breaking of the Therani. The goblin warbands split into several smaller raiding groups. Without a massive force to fight, local pockets of Therani are able to fight more effectively against the squabbling humanoids, but become more isolated from each other as the goblins hold the woodlands between many of the regions.
1285-90 The Therani petition the Cedonian Empire to return troop presence to the valleys, as goblin raiders have become a constant danger to the land.
1281 Cedonian Empire loses control of the county of Teltaram.
1060 Erecting of the Tower of Wyr.