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Society Determinants


Society name Therani Confederacy
Location The Therani Confederacy is located along the banks of the Tal and Wyr Rivers, bounded by the Morvali/Shanari tribesmen to the north, Taltheran and the Middlesea to the east, Hansari and Ozlog tribes to the west, and the Cedonian Empire to the south. In the era before the founding of the Confederacy in 1419, Therani extended along the Wyr river considerably north, but the Shanari Invasion and the ensuing destruction of Wyr cut the boundaries of the Confederacy at the former city of Hadrair.
Languages The Confederacy speaks a number of mutually intelligible dialects, such as Wyrtherani, Hadtherani and Unntherani. Each of these dialects is descended from the Therani branch of the Eastern Desert Language families.
~300,000 citizens 
Philosophical Orientation
Subsistence Wilderness% 40 (Big) - woodlands
Wasteland% 10 (Small) - some swampland
Yield% 120 (Good) - fertile land
Urban% 5 (Normal) - One large city


Ruling Agency
Dun Ri Teloras Fethoran, Thar Ri of the Hadrair.
Key elements Thar Ri (traditional leaders of individual parts of the Therani Confederacy),
Wyrthereyn Arrach (magic-hating church devoted to the former guardians of Wyr),
Therani Oryban (growing church of light and bravery)
Internal politics
Dun Ri Teloras 
Authority: Good (+1)
Influence: Good (+1)
Consent:  Fair (0)

Thar Ri
Authority: Great (+2)
Influence:  Great (+2)
Consent: Fair (0)

Wyrthereyn Arrach
Authority: Poor (-2)
Influence: Poor (-2)
Consent: Mediocre (-1)

Therani Oryban
Authority: Fair (0)
Influence: Good (+1)
Consent: Good+1
External politics

Taltheran: Great (+2)
Morvali : Good (+1)
Hansari: Good (+1)
Ozlog: Mediocre (-1)
Cedona: Mediocre (-1)
Shanari: Miserable (-4)


Military organization Professional army.
Military values Primary: The Armies of the Ther Ri, Standing Feudal in War Orientation
Force: Great
Size: Fair
Secondary: The Shield of Therani, Provisional Conscript in War Orientation
Force: Fair
Size: Good
Economic system

Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values
Trade:        Fair
Craft:        Fair
Resources:    Good
Exploitation: Good
Wealth:       Good
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion      Great    Good       Good      Great
Arts          Fair     Good       Fair      Great
Scholastics   Fair     Mediocre   Fair      Fair
Magic         Mediocre Poor       Poor      Fair