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Army and other organisations

In the pre-Confederacy days, each of the Thar Ri held their own private armies. They tended to be small, but effective, dressed either in uniforms or held together beneath pennant banners proclaiming their allegiance.

Now that the armies have been forced to work together, some small changes have had to be made. While each is allowed to maintain their uniforms or pennants, an additional pennant has been added above the individual marker. This pennant is white, with a green border and a four-pointed golden star displayed within it. It is the new marker which proclaims the army as a whole to belong to the Therani Confederacy, nominally led by the Dun Ri. The armies are usually led by the Thar Ri or their sons, assisted by one leader for every thousand men, one further leader for every hundred men, and one further leader for every thirty-three men. (the final man in a hundredrank is the standard bearer, who reports directly to the leader of the hundredrank). Therefore, a common army would be arranged thusly:

The Army of Thar Ri Talin Wythera, 1000 men strong:

Thar Ri Talin Wythera

Thousandrank Leader
10 Hundredrank Leaders
10 Standard Bearers
30 Officers
9,950 men.

Note that most armies are not this size the entire army is made up of around 10,000 men but many rural Thar Ri can raise no more than a 20-man army, led by the Thar Ri himself.

Despite the nominal standing of the Dun Ri as the leader of the army as a whole, Dun Ri Teloras Fethoran has never truly been in battle, and the Thar Ri know it. They fear that the Dun Ris strengths may be limited to his charisma and diplomatic skills, rather than the rough and ready style of the battlefield. For this reason it remains to be seen how the army will work as a unified unit against the Shanari tribesmen.

Most soldiers are armed with spears or pikestaffs, as the metal production of Therani is not high enough to make large blades practical or popular as common weapons. About 20% of the army is currently made up of archers using the deadly Therani Longbow.