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Actions in the Game Year 1420

Society Name: Therani

1) Set up defenses in Unnirand against the Shanari Forces. DOUBLE ACTION.

Under the direction of the Dun Ri himself, the city of Unnirand becomes a makeshift fortress. Trees are felled and stone quarried day and night by the workers of Unnirand and the refugees of Wyr and Hadrair, being set up into massive dikes surrounding the city and earthwork fortifications along the route most likely to be chosen by the army of darkness.

Primary Determinant: Resources (+2)
Difficulty: Very Hard (-2)
Secrecy: None
+ Desperate measures – this will be the last stand for the Therani.
+ Many more workers than usual thanks to refugee situation.
+ Therani are accomplished architects (High Crafts score in Architecture).
+ Double Action.
- Unsure of the new Dun Ri and his abilities.
- Terror inspired by the Shanari army.

+2 -2 +3 -2 (-1 -1 0 0) +1 = 0 Mixed Success
The refugges are to sacred to be of any help., and due to the gathered army it throughs even more confusion around.

2) Attempt to make contact with the Taltheran Wizard’s Guild

With the fall of Wyr and its massive tower, the Therani realize that they have been abandoned by the angels which lived therein and gave the Tower its potency. As a result, the Church of the Wyrthereyn Arrach have lost considerable amounts of power. With the breaking of the Church, the Dun Ri sends his own son as an ambassador to the Taltheran Wizard’s Guild with the following promise: Help us drive the Shanari out of our lands, and you are welcome to examine the remnants of the Tower of Wyr.

Primary Determinant: Relations (+2)
Difficulty: Standard (0)
Secrecy: None
+ Wizards curious about Wyr
- Wizards have bad memories of that Tower
- Good relations are technically with the Merchant Council and Government of Taltheran

+2 +1 -1 (+1 0 +1 0) = +4 Excelten Success
The Wizards are already their helping the army. The offer up all the assisantce they can.

3) External Observation of the Shanari Army

The Dun Ri Teloras Fethoran has ordered the few true scholars of the Therani into service alongside the Armies of the Ther Ri. These clerks are to observe and carefully document as much information about the Shanari and their allies as possible – how far they move in a day, how many animals can be seen, what types of weapons they possess, everything. If the Therani cannot keep the horde from Unnirand, at least notes may make it back to the other armies currently fighting which could prove useful to the cause.

Primary Determinant: Scholastics (-1)
Difficulty: Hard (-1, difficult to keep writing in a war zone)
Secrecy: None
+ Scholars feel they are getting some respect.

-1 -1 +1 (0 +1 -1 +1) = 0 Mixed Results
The Scholars are able to gather some information but spend most of their time running form the oncoming army.