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Subsistence, Economy, and Technology of Tanimbar

Tanimbar: Particulars as discovered by Taltheran, 1407


Tanimbar is a resource - rich (incredibly rich) country but its infrastructure is greatly hampered by internal troubles as well as it's lack of interaction with its immediately neighboring Imperial states (Cedonia and Torphan). Though uninterested in luxuries (the Tanimbarian tax rates on such things is extraordinary) the Council of Merchants is very interested in importing fine weaponry and armor as it is believed the next few years will see an increasingly hostile relationship between the people of Tanimbar and Cedonia (hard to believe it could get much worse). Taltheran merchants will also find a market for non-perishable foodstuffs as vast stockpiles are being set aside in expectation of coming troubles. Tanimbar is always looking for buyers of raw materials (pelts, lumber, ore, wool, hides and so on) which it produces in vast quantities. The Taltheran's will find more than enough to fill their ship's holds at cut - rate prices.


The sophisticated Taltherans will be as welcome as the simple Tanimbars can make them and though the meals may be simple and unseasoned and the entertainment somewhat childish in comparison to the great northern realms, they are put before the Taltherans with honest goodwill and open friendship. The curious Tanimbars will ask the world - travelers many questions while happily answering any that they might have. The Taltheran merchants will quickly sense a sense of isolation about the sturdy folk that allows them to exaggerate somewhat about the wonders they have seen without being doubted in the slightest. One thing that is quickly obvious is that the Tanimbarians absolutely *hate* the Cedonians. Even among the descendants of Cedonian colonists and lords this hatred runs deep and wide throughout the consciousness of Tanimbar society. From the most common to the elite, the residents of Tanimbar expect a war with their northern neighbor in the near future. It is viewed as an inevitability.


Perhaps it was a slip of the tongue by a drunk noble lord or a over -enthusiastic senior merchant . . . or perhaps it was a plant to apprise the Taltherans of the situation, however it happened, it happens: The Taltheran merchants and diplomats learn that the Tanimbar government will shortly be supporting the Vizinian resistance in Cedonia and it's leadership-in-exile in Zelkor. Land will be set aside for Vizinian refugees fleeing the Cedonian occupation. Funds will be delivered to Zelkor to support the leadership there. It is a certainty that next year the Tanimbarian government and its populous will throw their weight behind the Vizinian resistance.