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Society Determinants


Society name Tanimbar
Location The southwestern shore of Midsea
Languages The three "dialects" of Tanimbar are closely related to Cedonese, the use of which is outlawed. The three languages of Athelari, Merari and Orasari are named after the people who use them and are usually mutually understandable unless spoken rapidly or the conversation is particularly sophisticated. Athelari, spoken by the warrior race situated along the Cedonian border, is the most similar to modern Cedonese. Merari, spoken by the scholars and spell casters along the Torphanian borders, is the most similar to ancient Cedonese. Orasari,  spoken by the people along the coast, has been heavily influenced by other languages. Trade Talk is also frequently spoken along the coastline.
Size Fair ~ 1,500,000 human inhabitants / 400,000 sq. miles
Philosophical Orientation Primary: War (prevention of foreign influence)
Secondary: Conquest (acquisition of trade)
Subsistence Wilderness %40 (Big) Wilderness (approx 160,000 sq. miles)
Wasteland %10 (Small) Marshes, Wastes, Moors & Mountains
Yield %120 (Good) fertile land
Urban %10 (Big) Approx 150,000 in three major fortress cities


Ruling Agency The Royal Court
Key elements The Athelari Warlords; The Merari Ministry; The Orasari Sisterhood; The Council of Merchants; The Coven ("Nightwalkers")
Internal politics The Royal Court:
Authority: Great (+2)
Influence: Good (+1)
Consent: Good (+1)

King Hector Athelari (Military Power -- an awesome warrior and brilliant  general, but he makes the common folk a little nervous and he doesn't really have much of an appreciation of "civilian" values):
Authority Legendary (+4)
Influence Mediocre (-1)
Consent Fair (0)

First Minister Marcus Merari (Political Power -- a popular and competent administrator who knows how to get things done in the political arena):
Authority Good (+1)
Influence Fair (0)
Consent Great (+2)

Queen Helga Orasari (Social Power -- a master of the use of leverage, extortion and . . . well, Influence):
Authority Fair (0)
Influence Superb (+3)
Consent Fair (0)

The Council of Merchants (Economic Power -- rich, powerful and recognized by many as the ones who "held it all together" after the invasion of the Ice Demons...enormous popular backing)::
Authority Mediocre (-1)
Influence Good (+1)
Consent Superb (+3)

The Coven (Juridical Power -- "The Nightwalkers" are an "association" of  Witches and Warlocks based in the lands of the Merari -- they seek out and punish the wicked through magical means):
Authority Great (+2)
Influence Great (+2)
Consent  Fair (0)

External politics Cedonia: Miserable (-4) -- Border raids and boycotts
Zelkor: Fair (0) -- Trade relations
East Torphan: Poor (-2) -- Occasional skirmishes
Torphan: Poor: (-2) -- What relations?
Others TBD


Military organization Professional/Feudal - see below
Military values Nominal (~1.8% of population)

The Athelari Warlords (War -- Standing Feodal Force):
Force: Great (+2): Size: Fair (0)  Numbers: ~5,000

The Orasari Marines (Conquest -- Standing Professional Force):
Force: Superb (+3)
Size: Fair (0) Numbers: ~2,000

The Masari Lairds (War -- Standing Feodal Force ):
Force: Good (+1)
Force: Fair (0) Numbers: ~2,000

Economic system
Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values Craft: Fair (0)
Resources: Legendary (+4) -- Mind boggling natural wealth
Exploitation: Fair (0) --Good management of what little is used (a lot of the countryside is obviously unsettled) but a poor infrastructure.
Trade: Great (+2) -- Orasari Port City and Traders as well as numerous Trading Houses and Foreign Traders looking for bargains.
Wealth: Good (+1)
Humanities               Tolerance           Prevalence          Diversity          Sophistication
                ---------            ----------           ---------          --------------
Religion:    Good                   Fair                    Terrible                Poor
Arts:           Good                 Poor                 Terrible               Fair
Scholastics: Fair                    Poor                   Mediocre             Mediocre
Magic:        Fair                     Poor                   Poor                    Fair

Though Religious leaders and religious thought is respected and admired by the general population, it is limited to a fairly simplex, rather rigid dogma with few variations. The exception are the Athelari, who add 1 to their Tolerance (total +2) and Prevalence (total +1) while subtracting 1 from their Diversity (total -4) and Sophistication (-3), making them little more than fanatics.

While the Tanimbari are not exactly art enthusiasts and there are not large numbers of artists, they do have an ancient tradition of bards who are surprisingly able. Otherwise they have no real appreciation of fine art. The exception are the Orasari, who subtract 1 from their Tolerance (total 0) and Prevalence (total -3) while adding 1 to their Diversity (total -2) and Sophistication (total +1), which reflects their somewhat higher standards of taste and even rarer example of ability.

Most of the Tanimbari are too busy staying alive to worry overmuch about Scholastics. The exception are the Masari, who add 1 to their Tolerance (total +1) and subtract 1 from their Prevalence (total -1), reflecting their intellectual elitism and honoring of learning and intelligentsia.

Among the Tanimbari, spell casters are very rare and invariably recruited into the Coven. The Coven, or "Nightwalkers," are responsible for "seeking out and punishing the wicked" through their magic. They are essentially judge, jury and executioners. Tanimbari law is rather "draconian" as death by . . . (some horribly inventive method) is the usual punishment.