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Actions in Game Year 1419

Society Name: Tanimbar

action - I Raise Army
primary determinant - Military Force (+2,+3,+1)
Difficulty - hard
actors- King hector
modifiers :
+1 King hector's reputation as a brave and caring general.
-1 complacent nature of the people in terms of martial matters.
+1 high morale due to the last routing of the cedonians.

+2 -1 +2 -1 (+1 -1 +1 -1) = +2 Success

The army is moved to the Border.

action - II Trade Treaty
primary determinant - Trade (+2)
difficulty : normal
actors : house of merchants
prime minister
Since the trade route with zelkor has been broken. We seek to set up new trade routes. The neighbouring state of burcancy seems willing to start the trade route by sea. send a delegation comprising of traders and diplomats to burcancy
+1 good relations with burcancy
+1 backing of the house of merchants

+2 0 +1 (+1 -1 -1 +1) = +3 Complete Success

Tanimbar and Burcancy work this out and then tell me.

action - III settle vizanians in the border with cedonia and torphan (Year 1 of ?) planned for next 5 years, but will continue probably till it is complete.
difficulty : hard
primary determinant - exploration
actors : queen helga
prime minister
The vizanians accepted in the land have spread throughout the country. They might become a problem at a later date, therefore gang them up together so that their problems can be solved at a single location.
modifiers :
+1 Request by queen helga (it was she who took them in)
-1 Vizanians apparent unwillingness to shift to other places after working so hard to create their own homes.
-1 Not enough resources in the treasury at this time to send along with them to start them off

-1 +1 -2 (0 0 -1 -1 ) + () + () + () + ()

Not a single person moves this year.

action - IV Create Miner's guild (year 1 of 3)
primary determinant - exploitation (0)
difficulty : hard
actors : house of merchants
to make use of the mineral rich resources of the hinterland, the house of merchants have decided to make gangs of people who are proficient in mining, and create a guild of Miner's. This will help in using the resources to the utmost.
modifiers :
+1 house of merchant's consent
-1 dispersed miners
-1 no infrastructure in hinterland

-1 -2 +1 (0 0 +1 -1) + () + () =

contries consen is in the north.