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Actions in Game Year 1409

Society Name: Tanimbar

Action 1 & 2: Strategic External -- Fundamental

Actor: The Athelari Warlords
Objective: Organize a network of Vizinian partisans to operate within Cedonia (First of Five year campaign)
Secrecy: Yes -- Though there's a high likelihood everyone will figure it out
Difficulty: Very Hard (???)
Prime Determinants: The Athelari Warlords Military Force (Great +2 -- Training and equipping partisans, getting them across the border into Cedonia, organizing extractions, setting up resistance cells within Vizinia, establishing ties with the home - grown Vizinia Resistance already taking shape, having secret Athelari "advisors" operating within Vizinia)
Modifiers: (1) + Primary Philosophical Orientation: War (prevention of foreign influence).
(2) + The ruthless Athelari are probably pretty good at teaching "guerilla" tactics.
(3) + Assuming the Queen's protectorates are successful, they're an ideal breeding ground for Vizinian freedom fighters.
(4) - The Cedonians are probably expecting something like this.
(5) - Wouldn't be that hard to infiltrate, though the damage one cell member could cause would be limited.
Reaction: Heroic (?) Note: This is a long term action -- sponsored until the Vizinians are "free" or the whole thing blows up in the Athelari Warlord's faces.

Rather than military force (power of a fighting army) this is more training & tactics, so I'm going to go for a primary determinant of mean(resources/scholastics) ~+2 (Great) - same difference!


Double action this round.

Result so far: +2 -2 +1 + (0 +1 -1 -1) +1 + (-1 +1 0 +1) + ( ) + ( ) + ( )


Action 4 -- Strategic/Internal -- Develop

Actors: King Hector Athelari
Objective: To re-invent the Masari Standing Feodal Force into a Standing Professional Force (First of Two years)
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Very Hard
Prime Determinant: Authority of King Hector Athelari (Legendary +4)
Modifiers: (1) + King Hector would throw himself into the task with enthusiasm.
(2) + It's the "logical" thing to do and would therefore appeal to the Masari.
(3) Masari Lairds, an intellectual sort, probably don't enjoy military service anyway.
(4) - Some Masari Lairds may object to having to pay for a military rather than serving in one.
(5) - Masari as a race aren't all that militant and King Hector's discipline might not appeal to them.
Reaction: Business as usual


Double Action this round
Extra mod: - Tanimbar's military minds already pre-occupied with the Vizinian resistance.

Final Result: +4 -2 -1 + (0 +1 +1 0 ) +1 + (-1 0 0 -1)

Suggestion: The Professional Masari Force is inaugurated.