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Actions in Game Year 1408

Society Name: Tanimbar

*** Action One: The Queen's Privy Chambers ***

"Savages!" Queen Helga cries. "Brute savages! This cannot go unanswered."

"Yes, your Highness," her counselor replies, dismissing themessenger. "What is your will?"

Her hand slips to her full belly. "My daughter shall not learn that on the day she was born, her blood passively stood by and watched those monsters brutalize the Vizinians." She pauses to consider her words. "Here is what we will do: Any Vizinian that can make it across the border is immediately placed under our protection. We will set aside lands and provisions near Athelari strongholds so that their safety is assured. We will welcome the common folk fleeing the butchery of the Cedonian monsters and find them a place among us. We will give them time to restore their self-respect and re-ignite the pride of their people."

"Yes my queen," her counselor answers.

Action 1: Tactical Internal (Develop/Invest)

Actor: Queen Helga Orasari
Objective: Establish Vizinian refugee protectorates within Tanimbar
Secrecy: None -- we're hoping word will spread
Difficulty: Normal (???)
Prime Determinants: Queen Helga's Influence (Superb +3)
Modifiers: (1) + Considering the relative sizes of Tanimbar and Vizinia, finding space and supplies probably won't be too difficult.
(2)+ It's a move against the Cedonian Empire, which has to be popular among the Tanimbarans
(3) - The Cedonians have been very light handed in their subjugation of Vizinia and there may not be any Vizinians who care enough to flee their homes for the uncertainty of a refugee's existance in a foreign country.
(4) - Even if they're a minority population of the Cedonian Empire, they are still technically Cedonians. Some Tanimbarans may have a problem with having them in Tanimbar, perhaps many Tanimbarians.
Reaction: Risky (What if they set aside lands and resources and no Vizinians show up?)

Result: +3 -0 +0 + (+1 0 +1 -1) = +4 Superior Success!

Suggestion: The Queen persuades the Atherlari lairds to set aside some territory, albeit begrudgingly, for the Vazinian refugees. The refugees are slowly but regularly slipping through into northern Tanimbar, by-passing the Cedonian border guards, who are limited in number as they are concentrating their forces in Kelsh to put down local insurrection. News from Vizur is that the Cedonians seem to be hitting the Vizinians harder this year as they enforce their authority. [The Vizinian refugees are now a key element in Tanimbar - have a go at figuring out determinants for them -I know you enjoy doing that ;) ] 

Relations with Zelkor increase to Good (+1) for the next three years. Now you've got a food/supply problem though!

*** Action Two: The Athelari Warlords ***

"I see an opportunity here, milord," the grizzled knight says softly.

"I believe I am of like mind," the young man answers, staring out the window towards the Cedonian border. "Come, let us find a quiet place and speak on it."

Action 2: Strategic External -- Fundamental

Actor: The Athelari Warlords
Objective: Organize a network of Vizinian partisans to operate within Cedonia (First of Five year campaign)
Secrecy: Yes -- Though there's a high likelihood everyone will figure it out
Difficulty: Very Hard (???)
Prime Determinants: The Athelari Warlords Military Force (Great +2 -- Training and equipping partisans, getting them across the border into Cedonia, organizing extractions, setting up resistance cells within Vizinia, establishing ties with the home - grown Vizinia Resistance already taking shape, having secret Athelari "advisors" operating within Vizinia)
Modifiers: (1) + Primary Philosophical Orientation: War (prevention of foreign influence).
(2) + The ruthless Athelari are probably pretty good at teaching "guerilla" tactics.
(3) + Assuming the Queen's protectorates are successful, they're an ideal breeding ground for Vizinian freedom fighters.
(4) - The Cedonians are probably expecting something like this.
(5) - Wouldn't be that hard to infiltrate, though the damage one cell member could cause would be limited.
Reaction: Heroic (?) Note: This is a long term action -- sponsored until the Vizinians are "free" or the whole thing blows up in the Athelari Warlord's faces.

Rather than military force (power of a fighting army) this is more training & tactics, so I'm going to go for a primary determinant of mean(resources/scholastics) ~+2 (Great) - same difference! [Kenny was supposed to be coming up with a new way of dealing with espionage/strategy but as he's pulled out… I'll contact him and see what he'd come up with so far .]

Result so far: +2 -2 +1 + (0 +1 -1 -1) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( )

Not going that well, but four more years of effort left….

*** Action Three: The Council of Merchants ***

"Certainly we can spare more than that!"

"Of course," is the answer. "We could send them five times as much without feeling the pinch. But it's not our fight, it's theirs. With this we suggest that we are willing to support their fight for their lands rather than maintain a council of "lord layabouts" in exile. If the Vizinian lords aren't willing to fight for their own homes then all the money in the world won't win them back."

"Blasphemy!" the first merchant says with a smile, drawing good -natured laugher from around the table.

Action 3 -- External -- Diplomacy/Overtures

Actors: The Council of Merchants
Objective: To assure the lords of Vizinia that Tanimbar supports them
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Normal
Prime Determinant: Consent of the Council of Merchants (Superb +3)
Modifiers: (1) + Relationship with Zelkor is "fair" and likely to get better with an aggressive Cedonia running around.
(2) + Zelkor borders Tanimbar meaning it will be difficult for anyone to "interfere" with the embassy.
(3) + No "resistance" has a chance without external support, Tanimbar is willing to be that support.
(4) - Cedonia likely has agents in Zelkor
(5) - Tanimbar's history with the Vizinians probably isn't that good (before last year all Vizinians were probably considered "Cedonians").
Reaction: Cautious

The main thing about this action is trying to reassure the Vizinians - as they are 'foreign' we're really talking relations here - as they're in Zelkor, we'll use the new relation of +1 which you gained this year (as they'll probably agree with the Zelkori at this point in time).

Result: +1 -0 +1 + (+1 0 +1 +1) = +5 Extraordinary success!

Suggestion: The Vizinian aristocrats in Zelkor gladly welcome the Tanimbar merchants' assurances of support. They are pleased that Tanimbar has set aside land for the refugees and are delighted at the asiistance with the guerilla effort being planned. The Lord of Tiraren [or you can make up a name for the place if you don't like that], Vizinia's major city in the southern borderlands, has secretly pledged fealty to the Tanimbar royal court and will renounce the rule of the Vizuri royals (who have always been viewed internally as Cedonian foreigners) if he regains his lands.

*** Action Four: The War at Home ***

"You seem troubled First Minister," King Hector says, his hard features softening ever so slightly. "What is the matter my old friend?"

"News from home your majesty," Marcus Merari answers.

"Not good news obviously," the king answers. "Come, tell me what's happened."

"Word has reached me that the goblins of Bloody Claw are setting their huts alight in the Hills of Rolling Rock. It is believed that they will soon be on the move."

"Bad news indeed," the king says, coming to his feet. "What say the Lairds?"

"The Lairds dither, your majesty, as the Lairds always do."

"Yet they are a fierce body once aroused," the King says, sitting down again. "When one of them is finally threatened by the Ice Demons I expect the rest will sort them out in short order."

"Thank you, your majesty," Marcus replies, acknowledging the compliment with a small bow. "Yet your kind words reveal a cycle that has concerned me of late. For once, I would like to see my people take the initiative, and attack rather than respond."

"Such is not the way of your blood Marcus," the King says kindly.

"Everyone knows that the Lairds talk when threatened and attack when harmed. If a few drops of your blood must fall before you unleash your wrath, then consider it a sacrifice to the spirits of war."


"What are you thinking Marcus?"

"Your majesty, the competence of the Orasari Marines has gotten me thinking. Perhaps it's time my people laid aside the last trappings of the dark ages. I think it's time that the Lairds saw to their homes and their lands and remained a deep pool that we might draw from in times of war. In their place I was hoping you might raise up a standing professional force of warriors to see to the day to day military affairs of the region."

"Me Marcus? Why not one of your own?"

"Impartiality your majesty," Marcus replies with a small smile.

"Impartiality and . . . fear."

Action 4 -- Strategic/Internal -- Develop

Actors: King Hector Athelari
Objective: To re-invent the Masari Standing Feodal Force into a Standing Professional Force (First of Two years)
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Very Hard
Prime Determinant: Authority of King Hector Athelari (Legendary +4)
Modifiers: (1) + King Hector would throw himself into the task with enthusiasm.
(2) + It's the "logical" thing to do and would therefore appeal to the Masari.
(3) Masari Lairds, an intellectual sort, probably don't enjoy military service anyway.
(4) - Some Masari Lairds may object to having to pay for a military rather than serving in one.
(5) - Masari as a race aren't all that militant and King Hector's discipline might not appeal to them.
Reaction: Business as usual

Hmm.. just realised half of the determinants talk about Masari, and half about Merari - which do you want?

Extra mod: - Tanimbar's military minds already pre-occupied with the Vizinian resistance.

Result so far: +4-2 -1 + (0 +1 +1 0 ) + ( )

Going well so far - weeding out the dead wood ....