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Society Determinants


Society name  The Tana
Location  Tanamir Sea, eastern Midsea, central Qaiyore
Languages  Anamir, a Southern Midsea Dialect very close to the Southern Midsea Root.
Size  scope: about 250,000, Agriculture, Fishing, Hunting, and Raiding Communities.
Philosophical orientation  Primary orientation: Equilibrium (passive) preservation of social order prevention of trade disruption and disturbance

Secondary orientation Conquest (active) acquisition of new lands and subjects acquisition of trade

Subsistence Wilderness% 40 (Big) - mountains and woodland
Wasteland% 40 (Big) - very mountainous area
Yield% 100 (Normal) -
Urban% 0 (None) - mostly small communities


Ruling agency  Albemare, the QueenShe rules all matter by political alligience, power, and kinship bonds. Leader of all things Tana.
Key elements  Elder Council, Quan Council
Internal politics  The QueenShe Albermare
Authority: Superb (+3)
Influence: Mediocre (-1)
Consent: Good (+1)

The Elder Council - a council made up the leaders (always female) of each clan
Authority: Great (+2)
Influence: Good (+1)
Consent: Mediocre (-1)

The Quan Council - masterwights (always male) representing each of the four wrights (Bloodwrights [healers], Naturewrights [shamen], Scryewrights [soothsayers], Dragonwrights [warrior-mages]).
Authority: Great (+2)
Influence: Poor (-2)
Consent: Great (+2)

External politics 
Free Cities (poor) -2
Kaeir (poor) -2
Onagir (good) +1
Others TBD

Capability and culture

Military organization  All women are part of the raiding armies and navies. All men are part of the home defense. Organization is on personal authority, power, and designation by clan leaders.
Military values  General populous:
Size: Good (+1)
Force: Good (+1)
Economic system  primary barter, secondary currency

Technological base

Economic values  Craft: Good (+1)
Resources: Good (+1) The lands and people of the Tana are bountiful, though over-crowding is causing concern
Exploitation: Great (+2) The Tana make thrift use of their assets
Trade: Poor (-2) The Tana rely on their well-organised raiding teams and are viewed as treachorous privateers by their Free Cities neighbours
Wealth: Fair (0)
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion       Great     Great    Miserable    Fair
Arts           Fair      Fair       Fair       Fair
Scholastics    Great     Poor       Fair       Fair
Magic          Good      Poor       Fair       Great