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Actions in the Game Year 1419

Society Name: Tana

Action I

The people of Tana have grown afraid of the plague sweeping across their neighbor Videssia. The council meets and decides that this threat cannot be ignored and action must be taken to ensure the safety of the people. Their first order is to establish a strong military presence at the border of Videssia and burn any area along the border that are contaminated.

Primary Determent- Military
Difficulty- Hard (-1)
Actors- Border Guards
Secrecy- None
Modifiers- Good Military Size and Force

-1 +1 (-1 0 -1 0) = -2 Failure

The Guards run into anarchy on the other side and when ten of them cat the plauge. They all lock them selfs in the tower to keep it from spreading.

Action II

The Council of Elders knows that it cannot stop at simply keeping the plague at bay with violince, but must also discover how this thing works. The Council has turned thes aspect over th the Bloodwrights for consideration. The Bloodwrights in turn will setup research post along the border to research this plague and hopefully discover a cure.

Primary Determent- Sophistication of Magic (Great)
Difficulty- Very Hard (-2)
Actors- Bloodwrights
Secrecy- Results of Research
Modofiers- + survivial

+2 -2 (-1 +1 0 -1) = -1 Faliure

The plague seems to be greatly contagiuos as many in the Bloodwright get the plague, but they like the Guards lock them selfs away so it does not spread.

Action III

It has become painfully obvious to the Council of Elders that a navy is required for the security of the Tana. Unfortunately advanced technologies have eluded then in this field. The Council has commisioned their Scholars to begin researching naval techniques in ship building and navaigation.

Primary Determent- Scholastic Sophistication (Fair)
Difficulty- Moderate (0)
Secrecy- None
Modifiers- None

(0 +1 +1 0) = +2 Sucess

+1 for navy for next three years

Action IV

The member of the Naturewright group have decided to explore the mountian region along the border of Tana. They hope to use their dmagic and connection with the spirits to uncover minerals and paths for the betterment of the Tana.

Primary Determent- Magic Sophistication (Great)
Difficult- Heard (-1)
Actors- Naturewrights
Secrecy- Results
Modifiers- Philosphy of Conquest active

+2 -1 (+1 -1 -1 0) = 0

They don't find anything