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Actions in the Game Year 1410

Society Name: Tana

Action 1: Secret

Action 2: Raids, Partial Invasion

Under cloak of night and Dragon's Breath, move land raiding force close to Videssian supplies (farms, mines, pastures). Using the results of Action 1, spare the areas sympathetique to the Tana cause. Strike areas sympathetic to the Videssians. Gather and build popular army from villages and areas afraid and subject to Videssian tyranny.
Tactical: External
Actor: Organized Refugees and Dissadents recently taken in by the Tana with military support.
Action: After spreading through and infiltrating gathering as much support as possible, raid videssian supply areas and encourage Tana favored areas to voluntarily withhold supplies and join with the Tana in an ever increasing popular army fighting Videssian oppression. Press inward into Videssia land. When the Videssian miltary responds, crush it with numbers, magic, and geurreilla tactics. Much of the Home Defense would be involved as this would be lands potetial for Tana use.
Weight: Single
Secrecy: In the beginning, the effects would become known perhaps too late to stop the swell.
Primary: Military Force, Subterfuge, Infiltration
Difficulty: Normal to Hard. (Raiding is normal, but holding is not. However, influenced people could offset a great deal of the difficulty in turning again the Videssians.
Primary: Military Force, magic.
Task: Business as Usual.
Mods: See Action 1.


Mods: +1 from Videssian actions
+1 from Action 1
+1 from Action 3
+1 from Action 4

Result: +1 -1 +4 + (-1 -1 0 +1) = +3 Superior success!

Suggestion: The Tana-led raids, assisted by renegade Onagir, cut a swathe through weakened Videssian defences (see Videssian actions). The exposed region north of the Imbros quickly comes under Tana control.


Action 3: Sea-Raids.

Using cover of night and the obscuring Dragon's Breath, begin the attcks on Videssia. At fortified ports stay out of range of the seige engines, draw out what's left of the ragged navy and destroy it. land troops away from the fortified ports to attack from the land and destroy fortifiaction and especially the engines of war. Use potentially influenced people (from action 1) to create internal problems allowing conquest of much of the northern regions.

Tactical: External
Actor: Tana Military and Navy.
Action: See Above.
Weight: Single
Secrecy: In beginning stages yes, but not for very long. Of course that's the way all Tana raids begin.
Primary: Military Naval Force
Difficulty: Business as usual
Primary: Military force
Task: Normal
Mods: Navy is newly built and strong. Videssia Navy recently destroyed. Potential affests from Actions 1 and 2. Videssia Military strung out while land forces comprised mostly of refugees, dissadents and Videssian expatriots. Potential internal assistance.
Fortified Ports (hence drawing the navy out and not attacking immediately or directly).


Mod: -1 Videssian forts
+1 Videssian actions

Result: +1 -1 + (+1 +1 +1 -1) = +2 Complete success!

Suggestion: The Videssian defences, weakened by the departure of much of the fleet and weaponry, are easy prey for the Tana raiders aided by eldritch craft. While the fortifications at Videss are able to withstand the assaults, many other coastal settlements are plundered by the raiders. The surviving Videssian navy left to attack Parglug, leaving the ports wide open. Blocking the capital, the Tana navy prevents any news of the invasion reaching the Videssian army in Parglug until it's far too late.


Action 4: Secret