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Subsistence, Economy, and Technology

Produce of Taltheran

Taltheran's produce (and consequently Taltheran's exports) center mainly on foodstuffs, since Taltheran is a fertile growing region but relatively poor in other resources.

However, note that Taltheran's main trade function is as a conduit: Taltheran traders take pride in their ability to both find a market for whatever you want to sell, and also to find something you'll want to buy. So they connect buyers and sellers (sometimes indirectly), and move the goods between them. Consequently, the Taltherani traders can offer a wide variety of goods, far exceeding those produced by Taltheran itself. These include finished goods from around Midsea and beyond, various raw materials including metals & timber, magical items, and [whatever else players eventually document as exports].

Wine (Large Production, Common, 3-9) - Taltheran wine is consumed extensively locally, and also exported in significant quantity. Value varies with quality, with in turn ranges from cheap table wine to the extremely limited-production Ibriab Blue, which is just about worth its weight in gold.

Fruit (Large Production, Very Common, 2-4) - Taltheran's climate lends itself well to cultivations of a variety of fresh produce. Examples include olives, grapes, citrus fruits, qibab (a cantelope-sized squishy yellowish fruit often seeded & dried for export), various stone-fruit (also often dried for export), and others.

Vegetables (Large Production, Very Common, 1) - Squash-like vegetables (byutaq, andori, qaa, etc), tomatoes, soy and other beans, onions, garlic, and the like predominate. Almost all is grown for domestic consumption, but production could be increased if demand merited.

Peppers (Small Production, Very Common, 5) - Taltherani food is typically extremely hot (spicy). There are three varieties of peppers produced, and although limited in quantity a little goes a long way. There is limited export of this product, since they are an acquired taste.

Spices (Small Production, Relatively Common, 3-8) - Although not the equal of the Hria, Taltheran produces some notable spices. They tend to be quite strongly flavored (to stand up to the peppers which accompany them in Taltherani cuisine), but are popular exports none-the-less.

Shaka (Large Production, Very Common, 2) - Shaka is the staple grain of the Taltherani, typically made into breads and pastas. This product is exported in limited quantity, though land exists to produce it in greater volume if demand is present.

Fish (Large Production, Common, 3) - Fish, along with soy products, are the primary protein source for the Taltherani. They harvest extensively from the Tal River -- mostly large quantities of small (5-15 cm) fish, but also some larger varieties. There is also significant offshore fishing in Midsea, but it is the more unique varieties caught in the Tal River which are frequently dried and exported.

Taigan leather & eggs (Small Production, Somewhat Common, 4/7) - The taigan are used primarily as beasts of burden. However, the hides of those past their prime are an important source of leather for the Taltherani. Although this leather is generally not exported (better quality is available elsewhere), taigan eggs are another matter. These are prized for certain medicinal qualities they possess, and they are also in demand for magical uses.

Minor specialty magics (Small Production, Somewhat Common, 4-8) - The Wizards' Guild maintains a profitable sideline cranking out certain proprietary magical trinkets and charms, many of which are exported to countries with different or limited magical skills.

Agriib (Moderate Production, Common, 4) - Agriib is harvested from a plant similar to flax, but produces a cotton-like thread which makes for flexible, lightweight fabric, well suited to warm climes. Both the thread and the fabric are exported as well as being used almost exclusively for clothing domestically.

Timber (Small Production, Uncommon, 5) - Limited timber is harvested in the hilly region on the border with Tirmar. It is all used domestically.

Metals (Negligable Production, Uncommon, 8) - Taltheran's metal resources are very limited -- part of the reason Taltheran originally became a trading nation. In spite of this, Taltheran's currency is quite common and very respected in the Midsea area, as a consequence of years of accumulation coupled with the special treatment afforded the currency by the Wizards' Guild.

Clay/brick (Moderate Production, Common, 2) - Most construction in the Tal River valley relies on bricks made from dried river clay.

Theranth (Small Production, Very Uncommon, 8) - The Taltherani are experts at training theranth. A number of these are transported to other countries where the expertise for training these recalcitrant birds does not exist.


The Taltheran economy is very active, with both currency and barter being in wide use. All transactions within Taltheran are legally obligated to use Taltheran currency if currency changes hands (other currencies can be readily exchanged - at fairly decent rates - in most large towns). Taltherani love a good bargaining session, and significant purchases or deals often seem as much a social event as a business one.

Trading Partners

More details to come. For now, see Relations Details

Taltheran Currency

The Taltheran gold coin, the Talplar, is widely recognized as a dependable currency. Other coins in circulation include

One of the regular duties of the Wizards Guild historically has been to cast enchantments on newly minted coins to prevent wear, shaving, or other debasing of the coinage (including resistance to other enchantments), and also allowing identification of legitimate coins (because they shimmer in a characteristic way when immersed in water). The spells involved, refined through long practice and research, are quite potent. This, coupled with good quality control in the royal mint, yields coins which are more dependable than other, more mundane, currencies. This has been a cornerstone of Taltherani trading policy for as long as anyone can remember.


Limited excercise of crafts (by cultural preference), but aware of most technologies in use around Midsea.