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Philosophy & History



First settlements of migrating tribesmen in Tal River valley (northwest Midsea)


Contact between Avaerans and the Tal River denizens. Trade begins.


Burgeoning trading town at mouth of Tal River falls to bandit incursions; looted and temporarily abandoned. Avaerans sponsor rebuilding.


Tal becomes trading hub for Avaeran trade down the west coast of Midsea.


Milakanuri nomads range widely in the Tal River valley, wreaking much destruction and leaving Taltheran in tatters.


Taltheran begins to reemerge as a trading nexus, as prosperous farmers seeking new markets become merchant traders.


The city of Tal once again flourishes at the mouth of the Tal River valley.


Major portions of the city of Tal destroyed by fire, and rebuilt.


City of Tal destroyed by forces from Mir as a consequence of trade rivalries. Tal rebuilds slowly under Mir's rule, focusing on land-based trade.


Taltheran traders roam widely throughout Qaiyore.


Tal suffers along with other kingdoms in failed insurgence against Mir, but extensive trade interests soften the blow.


Speculation about Mir's involvement in the Avaerand cataclysm is fed by rumors Mir has forcibly curtailed trading to the north by Taltheran, Celpalar and others, and certain recently returning merchants have disappeared.


Wizard's Guild is established in Taltheran to strictly limit practice of magic.


Taltheran peacefully assimilated into Cedonian Empire.


Major famine in Taltheran.


In wake of the fall of the Cedonian Empire, Duke Milarandos declares himself king and consolidates his hold on the lower Taltheran valley. The upper reaches of the valley, already somewhat depopulated by goblin raiders, drift into obscurity.


Taltheran starts gradually re-establishing trade routes around north and west Midsea.


The last Taltheran adventurer-merchant to venture to western Qaiyore doesn't return.


Major drought in central Qaiyore devastates Taltheran.


Taltheran has a solid hold on land trade along the north and west of Midsea, with a limited sea trading capability.